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What we offer to publishing houses:

Digital distribution of ebooks and audiobooks in 70+ international stores

Distribution of your print catalog with POD

Consolidated revenue reporting and automated royalties calculator

Direct control of distribution channels and specific business models

Solutions and tools for digital marketing

Creation of ebooks and audiobooks, including accessible ePubs (Daisy Compliant)

Availability of single-copy print runs

Targeted marketing campaigns

Opportunity to buy print runs also for one copy (only available for Italy)

Management of free digital copies and tools for acquiring leads (only available for Italy)

We can help you to boost your Digital Distribution

We can help you to boost your Digital Distribution

Streetlib offers you an efficient way to achieve complete control of your catalog and earnings

  • Catalog management for different formats in a single interface

  • Digital content protection systems, including DRM and watermark

  • Real-time sales tracking

  • Mobile app for daily sales tracking

  • Customized sales reports and catalog management ondemand

  • Multiple imprints and territories management a single account

  • Price management by stores and business models

  • Customer support and account managers availability

We also help you to distribute print books with PrintOnDemand

We also help you to distribute print books with PrintOnDemand

A flexible and scalable solution to distribute your print catalog on demand and eliminate returns and warehouse costs

  • Print books distribution with no minimum print runs, at bricks-and.mortar and online stores

  • No returns and warehouse costs

  • Partnerships with the main wholesalers and bookstore chains widespread distribution in Italy and, soon, in the world.

  • Flexibility to choose and manage print formats

  • Possibility of integration with the systems of your trusted POD printer

  • Guaranteed monthly or quarterly payments, regardless of the bookstore/distributor’s billing cycles

  • Single-copy POD

Check out the retailers that are already integrated with us! This list is growing and it constantly updated.

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No digital content, yet? We can help you to convert and monetize your catalogue

No digital content, yet? We can help you to convert and monetize your catalogue

A tailor-made solution that fits the growth and development needs of your catalog

  • Digital conversion to ebooks and e-comics in ePub/Mobi formats, reflowable or fixed layout, with the possibility to deliver accessible ePubs that meet the DAISY Standards

  • Production of audiobooks with the highest professional standards

  • Personal support and consultation to cho the best formats and solutions

  • Flexible and customizable rates

Years of experience assisting publishers to maximize their performance

StreetLib has been helping publishers to distribute their digital content for over 15 years, thanks to the support of a dynamic and efficient team spread across multiple continents. The company operates in Italy, Sweden, USA, Portugal, and Poland.

Publishers that have chosen StreetLib

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Giovanna Russo

Giovanna Russo

Publishers Relations

Martina Martini

Martina Martini

Customer Relations

Giacomo D’Angelo

Giacomo D’Angelo

CEO (Chief Executive Operator)

What our publishers say:

  • I think Streetlib was the cornerstone in solving problems in the digital publishing world that were hindering small publishers. It is technically manageable and intuitive; the people I work with are and have always been helpful, kind and professional. From a tax point of view, it has solved the problem of invoicing low amounts abroad, and from an administrative point of view, it is incredibly easy to deal with just one person.

  • Streetlib has always employed professional staff who stand out for their competence and attention. Everything they do is aimed at client satisfaction. [...] Proposal after proposal, Streetlib managed to create a varied commercial alternative based mainly on ebooks, but that also includes audiobooks and print on demand, and I'm sure we can expect many other wonderful surprises that they will put in place to continue improving their offer.

  • The platform is user-friendly and allows publishers to display their work. The service support team is attentive and ready to answer your questions; they’re always available and willing to collaborate.

  • Streetlib is a very easy-to-use distribution platform. A serious service when answering questions and payments are punctual. I recommend it to everyone!

  • We have been amongst the first editors who joined Streetlib and we keep relying on its services especially because the platforms to create and sell ebooks are extremely easy to use. The distribution service is always detailed and on time, the support center is fast and efficient.

  • What most characterizes the Streetlib digital platform is the comprehensiveness of the service offered: from the creation of the ebook to the promotion, from the analysis of sales data to billing data, the process is easy and intuitive. The support from the dedicated team is also great.

  • The best ebook distribution platform in the world!

  • Availability and professionalism

    Available, professional, proactive: as a small publisher I couldn't find any better. In the digital publishing world, Streetlib is on our side; keeps up-to-date with the latest news, cares about our needs, and is always there if we have any doubts.

  • Constant, innovative drive.

    StreetLib represents a complementary platform that enhances our content offering. Centralization is the word that best represents the number of services they offer, allowing us to save time and to avoid the bureaucracy resulting from the connection with many players. Kudos on the continuous, innovative drive.

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