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Main features of our platform

More than 250 distribution partners

We deliver content to over 70 retail, subscription and library partners reaching over 50,000 global consumer points

Instant Distribution

After the upload on StreetLib your books are automatically distributed whitin 24/48h.

Integrate Dashboard

StreetLib provides an integrated dashboard for the management of your whole digital, audio and POD catalogue.

Batch Upload

You can publish hundreds of titles with a single upload through our XLS and ONIX templates.


You can use your own ISBN codes or request them for free on the platform.

Real Time Analytics

You can track your sales on a daily basis.

Offers and Discounts

You can organize and manage your promotional campaigns to different retailers on your own through the platform.

Print on demand

You can create layouts and print books in Print-On-Demand mode, distribute them in physical and online bookstores.

Different Payment Methods

You can choose to be paid via Paypal or Bank transfer

Mobile App

You can manage your publishing business from your smartphone thanks to our Mobile App

Professional Publishing Services

Thanks to you can buy the best publishing, editing and digitalization services to produce high-quality books.

Support Center

Help Center, FAQs, articles and tutorials.

And much more…

  • Automated conversion from Word to Epub
  • Customizable prices for each store
  • Upload titles in pre-selling mode
  • Creation of multiple publishing brands
  • Manage your catalog collections
  • Ebook Watermarking
  • Audiobook Watermarking (coming soon)
  • DRM tools
  • Ebook rental
  • Quality control feedback
  • Sale of public domain books
  • Automated billing system
  • Creation of ready-to-print PDF
  • Online Earning Calculator for your POD books

See what people are saying about Streetlib

  • I think Streetlib was the cornerstone in solving problems in the digital publishing world that were hindering small publishers. It is technically manageable and intuitive; the people I work with are and have always been helpful, kind and professional. From a tax point of view, it has solved the problem of invoicing low amounts abroad, and from an administrative point of view, it is incredibly easy to deal with just one person.

  • Streetlib has always employed professional staff who stand out for their competence and attention. Everything they do is aimed at client satisfaction. [...] Proposal after proposal, Streetlib managed to create a varied commercial alternative based mainly on ebooks, but that also includes audiobooks and print on demand, and I'm sure we can expect many other wonderful surprises that they will put in place to continue improving their offer.

  • The platform is user-friendly and allows publishers to display their work. The service support team is attentive and ready to answer your questions; they’re always available and willing to collaborate.

  • Streetlib is a very easy-to-use distribution platform. A serious service when answering questions and payments are punctual. I recommend it to everyone!

  • We have been amongst the first editors who joined Streetlib and we keep relying on its services especially because the platforms to create and sell ebooks are extremely easy to use. The distribution service is always detailed and on time, the support center is fast and efficient.

  • What most characterizes the Streetlib digital platform is the comprehensiveness of the service offered: from the creation of the ebook to the promotion, from the analysis of sales data to billing data, the process is easy and intuitive. The support from the dedicated team is also great.

  • The best ebook distribution platform in the world!

  • Availability and professionalism

    Available, professional, proactive: as a small publisher I couldn't find any better. In the digital publishing world, Streetlib is on our side; keeps up-to-date with the latest news, cares about our needs, and is always there if we have any doubts.

  • Constant, innovative drive.

    StreetLib represents a complementary platform that enhances our content offering. Centralization is the word that best represents the number of services they offer, allowing us to save time and to avoid the bureaucracy resulting from the connection with many players. Kudos on the continuous, innovative drive.

  • I published two titles, a philosophical essay and a novel. The assistance was excellent, great availability when problems arose, and great distribution work; the offer was convenient and the final product was of high quality, better than I could imagine. I will definitely continue to work with them and I highly recommend Streetlib both to those who have the skills to prepare everything on their own, and to those who only need to use a few of the services offered at reasonable prices (for example, editor or cover). In short, really satisfied!

  • I first published in 2013. I have often needed assistance and every time they proved that they are super professional, extremely kind, and efficient. Their website and services are constantly improving. There's nothing better.

  • I'm so excited about StreetLib. I published four texts between digital and paper through them and I always felt very confident. The team is present and efficient. Even when I had problems with Write I received great support, and thanks to that I managed to solve the issue. I would recommend it without any hesitation.

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