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Write is an online, entirely free, simple tool to get a Book ready to be published!

How does it work?

  • Start

    To start creating a book, you'll start by entering the main informaion: metadata of your book (title, author, etc.) and upload the high-resolution cover

  • Editing the content

    You'll then edit the content on our online editor and set up the book structure (parts, sections, chapters)

  • Download the file

    When your content is ready, you can choose to download the ePub file or the PDF ready to be printed. The file is downloaded directly onto your computer.

  • Publish

    You can then decide whether to publish the ePub on StreetLib SelfPublish or on any other platform. In the same way, you can use the PDF to print copies via our POD and POS services (coming very soon!) or anywhere you'd like.


The Editor

The StreetLib Write editor allows you to easily insert and edit your book’s content, format the text, create lists, links and tables. On the left side of the editor, you’ll find a sidebar to manage the book nodes: chapters, parts, sections, images, footnotes and extra content.

Graphic Themes

StreetLib Write is there to help you focus on the content of your book. You can easily choose your preferred graphic theme: Our graphic designers built awesome themes, our technicians tested them on all the technology platforms, and you can use them to easily create your Book. You don’t have to deal with formats and technical details anymore. A large panel of themes is available for literary books, cook books, poetry books, etc.



During or at the end of the editing phase you can use the preview feature to evaluate the final result of your work. StreetLib Write allows you to see the online preview, directly on your Internet browser. You can also send the eBook file to your Kindle eReader and get a preview there.


With StreetLib Write’s Import feature, you can upload your Word or OpenOffice document on StreetLib Write and import your content in the editor with a few simple clicks. During the process, StreetLib Write will automatically identify the chapters and will submit them to your approval before activating the automatic process. The original document doesn’t need any specific formatting to be imported on StreetLib Write!

Write FXL

For Comics, Children's books...

In a few simple steps, you can also create with StreetLib Write eBooks with a Fixed Layout format (ePub3, KF8) that is adapted to digital comics, catalogs, children books and, in general, books where text isn’t the main element. Our tool is able to return validated ePub3 with professional quality, without requiring any technical knowledge.

Printed formats layout

StreetLib Write also has a Print environment with an editor allowing you to manage your printed copies layout:

  • You’ll be able to have multiple versions in different formats and deal with their contents simultaneously.
  • You’ll be able to set the layout of your cover professionally, including anything needed: back, spine, margins ,etc. Add and customize all the elements of your cover in simple clicks with no need to get, or get into, InDesign!
print versions
checking ePub-screenshot


Every eBook generated by StreetLib Write is automatically validated following the ePub international standard, they are thus ready to be sold on all the online eBook stores like Amazon Kindle Store and Apple IBooks Store.


Thanks to the integration with StreetLib SelfPublish, you’ll be able to publish your eBook directly on all the relevant eBook stores of the world in a few clicks. For additional information regarding the online distribution, please see StreetLib SelfPublish page.


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