What StreetLib does

Streetlib offers a suite of publishing tools, and a team to care for you from A to Z.


From creation to distribution

With StreetLib, you can create and edit your manuscript and turn it into a book (to share digitally or in paperback). You can distribute the book in many online bookstores and libraries such as Amazon, Google Play Store, Kobo or OverDrive. You can also sell your books wherever you’d like online: your website, your blog,etc. You can order printed copies whenever needed or make them available in stores with a Print-on-sale tool. StreetLib gathers all the Publishing tools you may need in one place. All our services are detailed below.


In a simple online text editor, you can write or paste your manuscript. There, you’ll be able to edit the text and format, enter your book’s metadata and add a cover as well as choose among a wide selection of themes adapted to your book’s style. Advanced users will be able to access directly the HTML editor and create their personalized book format. You’ll then be able to download, for free and with no contract obligation, the file ready to be printed (PDF) or to be published digitally (ePub, mobi).
This editor is also available for more complex books requiring a specific editor and format (ePub3, KF8).

To make your book the best experience possible for readers, You’ll be able to find professionals to help you with any step of your book creation: Proof Reading, Editing, Copy Editing, Formatting, Cover Designing, Translation, Promotion, etc.


Once ready, your book can be distributed in bookstores and libraries worldwide in just a few clicks. With our publishing platform, get your book on sale on Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Store, Kobo books, Apple IBooks Store, OverDrive as well as big national stores such as Librerias Gandhi, Tolino, Casa del Libro and many others.
There is no upfront cost either for this service, StreetLib will only retain a small percentage of your sales revenue.

You’ll be able to choose the stores where you want your books to be in. You will get your reports and invoices in one single place. When you have to deal with changes to make to the book (price, typo, cover change…), you’ll do it all at once on StreetLib and see it apply to all the stores!

To learn more about it go to your dedicated page:



Our so-simple-to-get-you-will-take-more-time-to-read-this-than-to-get-it widget allows you to sell your own book wherever you want on the web. Our Sell tool allows you to add a smart widget (it’s like a mini webapp integrated into a page, for a more professionally defined explanation, here is the Wikipedia Link) anywhere you’d like and get a fee for distributing your book.

What it means is you can have your own trading platform on your website, blog, etc. and sell your books directly from there. Themed books can be sold by website related to that theme, book critics can start selling books they keep raving about (and earn some money in the process).

Oh and yes, it’s also available for free. The 30% of book sales usually going to bookstores is divided between StreetLib and you: 15% each.

This technology allowed us to create StreetLib Stores, a way for authors to give visibility to their books online and start promoting it with a well designed, ready-to-use book page: every author can claim his/her book(s) page with a powerful URL (SEO coherent) and areas to promote and sell the book in a beautiful page. Of course, you earn the added 15% distribution royalties selling from this page! We created a home for your books, just ask for the key and it’s yours!

Thanks to StreetLib SELL & STORES, anyone who loves books and wants to share tham with the world can now build an online bookstore in about 5 minutes and entirely for free! Pick out the books you want to sell, brand your store and you are on!


Do you want to put the paperback version of your book on sale online? The best way to avoid loss of both money and paper is to get a Print-on-Demand solution: the book is only printed once a reader actually buys it. No waste or useless costs! We believe PRINT is the solution that will make sure Paper books will thrive for the years to come.

Do you need 100 copies for a book signing event, 200 to put on your neighborhood’s bookstores or 50 to give all to your mum? That’s also our PRINT service. Give us one or two information on the type of format, paper and cover you need and the file to print, we’ll take your books wherever you want us to send them.

Help Center


All these services are built so that you can start using them right now. Just sign up, follow the steps and get what you need for your books! Nonetheless, we are here to answer any question, concern, complaint or general inquiry. We want to know what are your needs and take care of them. You will find in our Help Center many details and explanations about all our services and the way they work and are managed. You can also contact our Care Team to ask for a specific information or for support on your journey with us.

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