StreetLib Ukraine is a digital publishing portal for authors and publishers in Ukraine to digitally distribute their titles (ebooks, audiobooks, print-on-demand and online reading) around the world, with no up-front fees.

Books can be published in English, Ukrainian and most other languages, and will be distributed to ebook and audiobook retailers, subscription services and digital libraries worldwide.

Our reach includes the world’s biggest ebook, audiobook and online reading platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Apple, Storytel, OverDrive and over 70 more outlets.


N.B. Supported languages will vary from platform to platform.


StreetLib first launched its Ukraine digital publishing portal in 2019 and has been supporting Ukrainian authors and publishers since.

Given this context, the StreetLib Team decided to get hands on and help not just individually but as a company. This is why StreetLib is launching the Ukrainian Ebook Project, which allows Ukrainian publishers and writers to create and distribute their ebooks commission-free for at least 5 years. To be specific, StreetLib is eliminating both the StreetLib distribution fee and the StreetLib Write monthly subscription fee for Ukrainian authors and publishers.

If you are a Ukrainian publisher or writer and you want to use our production or distribution service for free, please fill out the form below:

What is StreetLib?

StreetLib is a cloud-publishing platform and global gateway distributor of digital books, based in Italy, and serving authors and publishers worldwide.

Established in 2006, StreetLib has the widest international reach of any digital distributor. Authors and publishers can make their books digitally available to readers in almost every country in the world, and get paid for every sale or download.

For smaller publishers and indie authors there are no upfront fees - StreetLib simply deducts a commission from net and pays you the rest. Other models are available for larger publishers.

Digital changes everything

In the not so distant past publishing was a paper-and-ink business that, because of the logistics of printing and distributing a paper book, meant only the lucky few authors could get published, and only with the support of a large publishing business. This in turn limited what consumers could buy or read.

For audio the situation was even more challenging, with audiobooks expensive to produce, expensive to buy, and needing cumbersome listening equipment like cassette or disk players. This meant few audiobooks were produced and in most countries there was no audiobook market.

Today it is possible for any competent author or small publisher to publish a book or audiobook in a professional manner and reach a global audience and reach a domestic and global online audience of eager consumers.     

What is a digital book?

At its simplest, a digital book, usually an ebook or audiobook, is a digital file of a book or manuscript that can be bought, borrowed or subscribed to, and downloaded, read or listened to on a smartphone, a smartspeaker, an e-reader or any other suitable device by anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No printing costs, no cassettes or disks, no storage costs, no shipping costs.

For publishers and readers who prefer print, our print-on-demand service is gradually being rolled out worldwide, enabling publishers to do print runs as small as a single copy, delivered direct to the customer’s home.


Are there enough people around the world connected to the internet to make this worthwhile?

In Ukraine there are, in 2022, over 40 million people online. Your books uploaded to the StreetLib Ukraine portal will be available to buy as ebooks in Ukraine via the StreetLib international store, as well as globally through our partner retail stores, subscription services, digital libraries and online reading platforms, subject to supported languages.

Globally there are over 5 billion people online, and the global book market is valued at over $143 billion (UAH 3.8 trillion).

StreetLib Ukraine offers free formatting tools, if needed, to turn your book or manuscript into a digital file.

Authors and publishers can upload a single book at a time, or use our batch upload option for large quantities of titles.

Books can be uploaded in any language, and sold in the StreetLib international store, as well as being distributed to any retailers, subscription services, online reading platforms and digital libraries that support that language.

StreetLib currently hosts almost a half million ebooks, audiobooks and POD titles. Add yours for free. Earn money from every sale.