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This is a detail of the legal bond between You and StreetLib, in other words the conditions you are agreeing to when you sign up to the streetlib.com platform. You want to read this carefully. It’ll tell you the condition of use of StreetLib, your privacy rights and ours. So please, go fetch your reading glasses and a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and start your read. I’ll endeavor to avoid boring parts or legal jargon, whenever possible.

Make tea, not war. ~Monty Python


Your Personal information (privacy agreement)

The information you give StreetLib is used only to provide the services you ask for. We respect the personal data protection act: basically, whatever happens, your information stays confidential.

Why do we need information about you

  1. So that you can use the website (sign up, sign in, sign off, etc.)
  2. So we can deliver and get paid for the services you ask for
  3. To provide maintenance and support for the services
  4. To handle any complaints and/or litigation
  5. To prevent or penalize fraud or any illegal activity
  6. To send the StreetLib newsletter, if you ask for it

Confidentiality is about a sacred and unbreakable bond between you and us.

How we process and use this information

Your data is acquired, kept and managed by computer and ICT tools adapted to the purposes listed above. They are built to respect security and confidentiality.
Your personal data may be disclosed to StreetLib owner, employees or subsidiaries in, and for, the performance of their duties. Institutions managing payment systems (such as banks or other legally authorized financial intermediaries) will also have access to the information they need.

Always Respecting SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY as the law requires. Apart from the people listed above, your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone in anyway.

Unrelated image of a cow
Unrelated picture of a cow

What happens if you refuse to give your information

When you ask for services, some information are mandatory for us to be able to accomplish tasks listed above (1 to 5 in the reasons why we need your information). If you refuse, give partial or false information, we may not be able to give you access to our services or to deliver the service you requested.
About the number 6: receiving the newsletter is optional and so is providing information for it. Should you decide not to receive it, it won’t prevent you from using any other StreetLib service.

Closed blinds won't let the light in. ~Anonymous


Cookies aren’t just the chocolate chips ones I’m eating while writing this text. Cookies also are strings of text sent by a server to the user’s computer and transmitted back again when using the same site. These text files are generally used to improve user navigation, to adapt a website to its users and to monitor the traffic on websites for statistical purposes.  Once you have logged in your account on the StreetLib ​website​ the only cookies used are as follows:

  • The “technical” cookies, necessary to perform the services requested by the user.
  • Cookies that only analyse visitor traffic by monitoring the number of  accesses anonymously, for statistical purposes (for more information:​ Google Analytics​).
  • Any permanent cookies that you would be requested when you access the website (clicking on the  button: “Keep me logged in”): they’ll store your log­in credentials, allowing you to be  automatically recognized on your next visit for a period of 30 Days. Please note, however, that all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari etc.)  allow you to change cookies settings, so visitors are free at any time to refuse their use or to  specify what to accept and what to refuse. Disabling cookies may create delays in the operation of the site.
Hungry yet?


We send to all our registered users occasional emails about news or changes that may impact their experience and use of our services. Especially when it involves a change of your services contract (new partner e.g.) allowing you to approve or refuse this change.

You may also sign up to receive optional newsletter emails and you’ll always of course be able to opt-in or out.

Yes, there is a link between this picture of a monkey and the emails you may receive from us.

Our standard guarantee

We will refund your money if you aren’t satisfied. Provided, of course, that you are available to tell us where we failed you and let us try to fix it before we refund you. Not only to prevent abuse but most of all because we hate (really hate!) not finding solutions for our StreetLibers.

If you are in a tunnel, we want to show you where is the light. Or just get you home safe.

Our personal Information (copyright)

StreetLib is a trademark of StreetLib srl. Which means:

  • The name StreetLib is protected by copyright. If you want to use it, you need to ask first except if the use falls into the Fair Use or Fair Dealing category (this category is described online, here for instance) and that you put “©” in front of it.
  • Our logo is also ours so it always have to be used in relation to StreetLib’s trademark and can never be altered (shape, content, etc.); You can however use the StreetLib logo on your own content for purposes including, but not limited to:
    • State your allegeance to the StreetLib community on the web
    • Brand your book cover (here is the help center entry about this)
    • Communicate about our services and/or website (this, for instance, would be “fair use” if you’re wondering what it is)
  • Our other designs and branded content (blog covers, specific images, social media pictures, etc.) can’t be used without our permission.

If you want to ask permission for using our name and logo, you can contact us (we’re always happy to say hello:).

  • By the way, these intellectual property conditions also include our procedures, softwares, know-how, inventions, models and intellectual works. This terms and the distribution agreement doesn’t grant any license or intellectual property rights to the authors. StreetLib stays the sole owner and licensee (Google defines licensee as “the holder of a licence, especially to sell alcoholic drinks.” Here the second part of the sentence doesn’t apply)


Find below the legalized PDF document, re-stating information related to privacy when using StreetLib:
Information for consent to the processing of personal data

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