StreetLib Dashboard

A comprehensive suite of free tools for all your publishing needs

The one-stop solution for independent publishing

The StreetLib Dashboard has everything you need to succeed in self-publishing. All our tools are free to use and designed with simplicity in mind. They make it quick and easy to create, distribute, sell and print books all over the world.

  • Write: turn your manuscript into a book ready for publishing and printing
  • Publishdistribute your books on all major bookstores worldwide
  • Sellcreate your own bookstore or book page
  • Printdistribute your book as a paperback and order author copies

4 easy steps

  • Upload your Book(s)

    Or manuscript to be converted into any format (ePub, PDF, mobi, ePub3 FXL, etc.)

  • Distribute

    Choose from all the leading bookstores, or create your own!

  • Set up your billing profile

    Decide how you want to get paid (PayPal, Payoneer, Bank transfer...) and provide your details

  • Get Paid!

    Receive all your royalties for books sold worldwide in one place!