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StreetLib Stores is a way for you to sell and promote your book directly from a beautiful bookstore or page built online especially for your book. It’s free and, once you build your bookstore or claim your book’s page, you get the 15% distribution royalties for book sales made there, on top of your author’s and publisher’s royalties! It’s also of course a great place to discover and purchase books!

How does it work?

  • create your bookstore

    Create your own online bookstore in under 5 minutes with a catalog made of the books of your choosing (yours or other's)

  • Claim

    Every author can also claim his/her book's page in three easy steps. A "Claim this book" button is on every page for authors to sell their own book.

  • Share, promote

    You then have a dedicated space online to greet readers, promote your book and of course that's a great link to share everywhere to give visibility to your book(s).

  • Get paid

    All the sales you make from your bookstore or from your Stores page get you 15% distribution royalties to add to your author and publishing royalties!

Stores' catalog

More than 100 thousand books have a page in StreetLib Stores including all the books distributed through StreetLib. Every author from this catalogue can access and claim his book’s page. Every book has a page with a powerful URL that’ll give them great SEO opportunities. homepage page

The Book page

On the book’s page, visitors will find all the book’s information in a beautiful design: The cover, title, author’s name, synopsis, etc. They’ll also be able to rate the book and review it, and read previous reviews and, of course, they’ll be able to buy it directly there thanks to a StreetLib Sell widget. Sharing buttons are also there and, if the author claims the page, additional content can be there such as similar book suggestions, blog posts, etc.

The author's page dashboard

Once a book claimed, as an author, you can manage the content showing there. You get a place to add notes such as an author’s description, the possibility to show similar books, an author’s website address, etc. You also have a blog ready to be used if you want to write blog posts directly from your book’s page. Future versions of the tool will adapt to user requests so if you have a specific need or suggestion regarding the things you’d want here, please don’t hesitate to write to our Care team. author dashboard buy button

The included Sell widget

This page isn’t just a great promoting place for a book with a relevant URL. It’s a way for authors to sell directly their book to their readers, getting rid of eCommerce platforms obstacles. And, yes, this means authors get distribution royalties. If you are the book author’s and publisher, with StreetLib you already get 60% of the book’s cover price. The books sold on your page get you 15% more. 75% royalties: not too shabby, don’t you think?

How to Claim your book, the tutorial

  • Search
  • Claim
  • Connect
  • Confirm

As easy as pie!

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