StreetLib Sierra Leone is a publishing portal for authors and publishers in Sierra Leone to digitally distribute their books around the world, with no up-front fees.

Books can be published in English and most other languages, and will be distributed to ebook retailers and digital libraries worldwide, including to the world’s biggest ebook retailers like Amazon, Google Play, Kobo and Apple. 


StreetLib is a global gateway distributor of digital books, based in Italy, and serving authors and publishers worldwide.

Established in 2006, StreetLib has the widest international reach of any digital distributor. Authors and publishers can make their books digitally available to readers in almost every country in the world, and get paid for every sale. There are no upfront fees - StreetLib simply deducts a 10% commission from net and pays you the rest. 


At its simplest, a digital book, or ebook, is a digital file of a book or manuscript that can be bought, downloaded and read on a smartphone, an e-reader or a laptop or desktop computer by anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No printing costs, no storage costs, no shipping costs.

Are there enough people around the world connected to the internet to make this worthwhile?

In Sierra Leone alone there are barely one million people online, but your books uploaded to the StreetLib Sierra Leone portal will be available to buy as ebooks in Sierra Leone and across Africa via the StreetLib international store, as well as globally.

There are already over 450 million Africans online. In fact Africa has more internet users than Latin America. It has more internet users than the European Union. And it has almost 150 million more internet users than the USA. Yet Africa as a continent is only at 35% internet penetration. So much room to grow!

Globally there are over 4 billion people online, and the global book market is valued at over $143 billion (SLL 1.2 quadrillion).

StreetLib Sierra Leone offers free formatting tools, if needed, to turn your book or manuscript into a digital file.

Authors and publishers can upload a single book at a time, or use our batch upload option for large quantities of titles.

The StreetLib Sierra Leone website is in English, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Telegu and Tamil. 

But the books themselves can be uploaded in any language, including indigenous Sierra Leonian languages like Krio, Mende, Temen, Kissi, Fula, Kono, Kurank and of course Bengali, and sold through the StreetLib international store, as well as being distributed to any retailers that supports that language.

StreetLib currently hosts over a quarter million ebooks. Add yours for free. Earn money from every sale. 

StreetLib. Your global gateway distributor for the 2020s.