Sell your own eBook!

Who says having a store is the only way to sell stuff online? Sell your eBook anywhere on the web with StreetLib Sell!


It’s common knowledge that the only way to sell online is to open a store. A game in which, to be able to win, you have to be a global mega-store. StreetLib Sell is your new own itinerant trading platform: you won’t have to bring people to your store anymore, but you will put your stall – filled with the books you want to sell: the ones you wrote, the ones you read, the ones about the topics you care about – wherever the interested people already are. On your website, on your blog and in those of your fans and friends. All made very very easy: with a simple widget. StreetLib Sell takes street vendors to the internet.

How does it work?

  • The widget

    StreetLib Sell is easy. Once registered, you’ll access the Dashboard where you’ll be able to choose the stall (widget) best suited for your site, and the books you want to sell from this stall. StreetLib Sell will provide a few lines of code that you’ll need to copy and paste in your website, then you can start selling immediately

  • The stall

    your visitors will be able to see the details of the book, buy it from your stall, without ever leaving your site, even to complete the payment.

  • Revenue

    Every three months we will send you the official statement and pay you what you earned: 15% of every sale. Another 15% goes to StreetLib Sell and the rest is shared between distributors, publishers and authors of the books. Just think that, if you are the author, self published through StreetLib SelfPublish, you’ll get back from your sales 15%+60%= 75% of the sales! Not bad, is it?

  • Report

    you’ll follow sales trends from your dashboard where we developed some tools for you to keep track of your widgets, hits, clicks and earnings.

Widget personalization

On your personal dashboard, create your widget with personalized colors and shape according to the page where you want to put it. Select the book(s) you want to put on sale and get your code!
We highly recommend using the responsive widget which, unlike all other shapes, will adapt to the users screen size.

Widgets can be modified, deleted and created from scratch again, without any limitation or constraint.
Each widget can contain multiple books with a 50 titles limit.

In-store purchase and page link

The great feature StreetLib Sell provides is the in-store purchase: users will be able to get their eBook directly from the widget, without ever leaving the webpage they are in. (Try it out right here!)

On top of the widget, StreetLib Sell will provide a direct link to the purchase page of your book for you to share with your contacts and use in social media promotion.

Check out the dedicated Help Center section, to get more details about the book purchase.

Reports and Revenues

Considering that anyone, not only an author or publisher may want to start selling books via StreetLib Sell, you won’t need a VAT number to create your stall and get it where you want online.
For each book purchase made via your widget, your revenue is 15% of the book’s cover price excluding VAT. If you are also publishing the book via our tools, this adds up to your publishing revenues as an author or publishing house.

Payments are made quarterly and will happen 60 days after the end of the sales quarter, with a minimum threshold of €30. Read more in the dedicated Help Center section.

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