Sell & Stores

Create your Store, use a widget, claim your page: all the ways for your to sell directly books and earn distribution royalties.

StreetLib SELL main features

  • Get Free tools to sell books independently (zero upfront cost)
  • Earn 15% of the book price for each sale
  • You don’t need to be the author or publisher, anyone can be a bookseller
  • If you are publishing with us, those 15% add up to the royalties you already get
  • You can sell books via widgets, book pages or your own bookstore
  • You pick your books to sell, customize the content your visitors will see
  • Follow your sales and statistics on a dashboard
  • Find more information and support on the dedicated Help Center category

StreetLib STORES: a home for your books

  • StreetLib Stores gives a place online for every book of its catalog
  • With a SEO friendly URL (<author>/<title>)
  • Every author can claim the pages of his books to earn selling royalties on the sales on StreetLib Stores
  • StreetLib Stores sells a catalog of more than 200K books worldwide in more than 30 languages
  • The books can be sold in ePub, .mobi, and even Paper format.
  • Find more information about book purchases on the dedicated Help Center category

Start selling books with the tool of your choice: