Sell & Stores

Create your Store, use a widget, claim your page: all the ways for your to sell directly books and earn distribution royalties.


The combination of StreetLib Sell and Stores allows you to sell directly books – both in printed and digital formats – thanks to different great tools. Choose the one more relevant to your needs and start distributing books without going through an intermediary retailer!

How does it work?

  • Discover StreetLib Stores

    All the books you publish with StreetLib are available on StreetLib Stores where people can discover our catalog thanks to filters and search. You can be the distributor of those books in many ways!

  • Claim your book page

    If you are the author of any print- or e-book distributed on StreetLib Stores, you can claim the page of the book and earn 15% of the sales revenues! You'll also be able to edit the page's content.

  • Use a widget

    Going to the SELL dashboard, you can also generate for free a simple widget to embed in your website and sell a book directly there!

  • Create your own Bookstore!

    You can also create in less than 5 minutes and completely for free an entire bookstore online! You'll be able to sell the selection of books of your choosing, customize the store and plug it to your own website. Then, get the same distribution earnings!

How to use these tools?

The best way to discover and use our tools is to just go there and start using them! There is no upfront cost or engagement of any kind so you’re not risking anything. And you’ll find tips along the way to guide you step by step. If you are, however, finding difficulties using any of our tools, please take a look at our Help Center and, if this still doesn’t do the trick, you can always contact us for support: we’ll be happy to help!


Earnings and Reports

Whether you sell books from a widget, a book page on StreetLib Stores or your own bookstore, you’ll always get:

15% of book sales

For the distribution. This adds up to the earning you already get if you are publishing your ebook or Printed book through StreetLib. Basically, the 30% that would normally go to an external retailer are split equally between StreetLib and you.

To follow all your sales and transaction progress, we built analytics tools that you’ll find in your personal dashboards. You’ll be able to follow your sales day by day, filter by title, author, etc. Everything is explained in our Help Center here and there.

Create your Bookstore in less than 5 minutes!

StreetLib is your publishing tool from Writing to sales!