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What is StreetLib SelfPublish?

StreetLib SelfPublish is a service platform for self-publishing allowing you to independently publish your book in digital format (eBook) and put it on sale with major international online booksellers as well as more local ones. The operation itself is cost-free for the author, as StreetLib only has a transaction fee of 10% of the cover price on achieved sales. The only costs that could be incurred relate to optional services. StreetLib SelfPublish is the last tool before publication we offer, before that many tools and services are available to help you prepare your book. From StreetLib Write to our editing services, discover them all on our website.

How does it work?

  • Start

    First, you'll need to enter all the book's metadata and provide the eBook file and cover. You can add those in the Self Publishing platform or fetch them directly from our StreetLib Write text editor.

  • Choosing the stores

    You'll then be able to see our selection of partner bookstores and choose either to publish your book everywhere or only in some stores among Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, Apple IBooks, OverDrive, Tolino, Casa del Libro and many others.

  • Enter your personal data

    To be able to fully complete your publication, you'll need to agree to the terms of your publishing contract with us, give us an invoicing address, payment details, etc.

  • Publish

    After that, you just have to push the "Publish" button and wait 24/48h to see your eBook on sale online!

Distribution and Updates

StreetLib will publish your book within 24h on all the integrated eBook stores (a few stores will delay on their side up to 48h) and you can follow the whole process on your StreetLib dashboard. Afterwards, you can make any change (to the book metadata, to the content file, or just tweaking the price for a promotion) and StreetLib will push the changes through within 24h, entirely for free.

WorldWide channels

StreetLib is integrated with the most relevant local and international eBook stores, like Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBook Store, Google Play Store, Kobobook Store and so on. We are proud to take care of and increase our partners’ list every day.
We are constantly working to add more stores all around the world!

Thanks to our partnership with Babelcube, you can reach all these international readers in the right language! Get your book translated with no upfront cost.

Easy web Interface

StreetLib is the one-stop solution for thousands of authors wanting to easily manage their online business, and we are constantly working to simplify and improve our platform in terms of user experience. We also are always happy to collect feedback to answer your needs: don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sales reports

StreetLib provides almost real-time sales reporting. Most sales channels will give us real-time sales reporting, while the international stores (like Amazon, Apple and Google) will give us weekly or monthly sales reporting. We’ll compile all these sales into your Sales page as soon as we have them. There, you can track trends and compare sales by title or by sales channel.

Quarterly Payments

For users in the United States, StreetLib pays monthly via bank transfer with a minimum threshold of $60. For the rest of the world, StreetLib pays quarterly, with a minimum payment threshold of just €30 for anyone choosing to be paid via PayPal. (The threshold is €200 for bank transfers.) Payments are made about 60 days after the relevant quarter for us to get all the precise sales reports from all the partner bookstores.
To get details on how your royalties will be paid, read the dedicated Help Center article. You’ll find other invoicing details there by typing “invoice” on the search bar.

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