Distribute your books to over 200 stores.

Global eBook distribution in one click

Publish allows you to distribute your entire book catalog at the click of a button. Choose from dozens of the biggest stores all around the world.

4 easy steps

  • Upload your eBook(s)

    One or several files at the same time.

  • Enter the book's data

    Add the publisher, summary, ISBN, metadata, cover and category, etc.

  • Set your price

    Choose when your book will be sold, and for how much.

  • Publish

    Distribute to dozens of international stores

Packed full of features

Batch upload

Save time and effort by uploading multiple books and adding their metadata all in one go.


We assign your book a free ISBN which lists StreetLib as the publisher. Or use your own ISBN if you want to be the publisher

Fully customizable pricing

We automatically adjust your book’s list price for different stores and currencies. However, you can always change each price individually if you prefer.

Huge choice of stores

Distribute your book to hundreds of stores through over 50 outlets. You have the complete control over where your book is sold.

And more...

  • Let readers pre-order your book
  • Create multiple publishers
  • Create collections
  • Add watermarks and DRM protection
  • Generate feedback reports for your eBook files
  • Organize discounts with the discount manager
  • Publish titles in the public domain