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How does it work?

  • Your catalog

    You'll need a Digital catalog to be able to put on sale in online eBook stores: your books will need to be converted into eBooks (ePub is the referent eBook file format). To get them you can either ask a conversion service from us or use our free online Write tool to obtain yourself beautiful ePub files.

  • The distribution

    StreetLib Publish is a digital warehouse where you can store your eBooks so they can be distributed to our partnered eBookstores (Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, Tolino, Casa Del Libro, OverDrive and many other national and international stores!). You'll then follow all these sales and get reports in one single place: StreetLib.

  • Your store

    You may already have your online store. No problem! you can of course have eBooks prepared by StreetLib sold in your own store. And actually, if you wish to have an online store, we can also help with that thanks to other great StreetLib services!

  • Cost and Revenues

    The distribution contract will cost you just 10% of the cover price of the eBooks actually sold, with no minimum sales required. To this you will have to add the money that goes to the bookstores (around 30%). Which leaves you with an honorable 60% revenue share and no upfront cost.



ePUB is the main format used for eBooks: it’s the digital publishing standard, readable on eReaders, smartphones, desktop computers and notebooks, as well as tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). Once you have your eBook in ePUB format, you can easily get it in the Kindle format (.mobi, KF8…), so that you’ll be able to sell it on Amazon as well.

You can order our quality ePub conversion services (extra option) or you can use our StreetLib Write tool: a free online text editor to create your own eBook ready to be published without needing any technical skills.

eBook protection

Our eBooks are Watermark protected which is the option we recommend for all eBooks in general. It’s a sort of signature on the ePub file making sure the eBook is always linked to its original publisher.

It doesn’t have the content imprisonment a DRM has and still makes sure the work spread is always associated to its right author and publisher.


eBook publication

Once your eBooks are ready to be published you’ll be able to add them to StreetLib’s distributed Catalog by uploading them by batch, or one by one, depending on your needs. You then stay in control of the content, even after they are published, as you’ll always be able to update the content, modify the price, change the cover, etc. directly from your StreetLib dashboard. We’ll push these changes to every store where the eBook is published, avoiding you the pain of going in every store make changes one by one.

Worldwide stores and libraries

You can publish your eBooks in each and every one of our partner’s eBook stores and library as long as they respect the store’s policy. We work hard to increase these partnerships and get your eBooks to as many readers as possible.
Of course you can choose where your eBooks are published or not and, consequently, you’ll be told in advance when we have a new partner so you’ll be aware of new stores your eBooks will get into.

Thanks to our partnership with Babelcube, you can spread your catalog in multiple language, getting books translated by professionals at no upfront cost!

report vendite-publish

Sales report

In your personal dashboard, check the progress of your books sales in real time, including from international stores. Click on the tab “Reporting” and then “Sales” (beta) to track your daily sales. Filters allow you to get reports by ISBN, day or store. You can extract statements with the report of sales in all stores, excluding VAT and the store and platform’s percentage.

NB: International stores such as Amazon, Apple, GooglePlay, Kobo, Tolino, etc., provide sales data with one month delay. Precisely, at the end of the month following the month when the sale happened.


Invoices (or receipts if you are an association without a VAT number) are issued quarterly automatically, and paid accordingly. You’ll find and monitor your bills in your dashboard under the tab “Report”>”Billing”; Payment will take place 60 days after the relevant quarter for us to get precise sales reports from all the bookstores.
You can choose to be paid by PayPal or bank transfer.


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