Use StreetLib services serenely learning here every cost and earning to foresee.


No up-front cost

No subscription fee



Publishing and distribution fee going to StreetLib for each eBook sold.

We succeed when books succeed.

Cost of creating eBook and Book files?


StreetLib Write is free.

  • Zero fee to sign in, use, upload or download your content
  • No contract obligation
  • Free use of your eBook file (ePub, mobi, ePub3FXL, KF8) when ready
  • Free use of your PDF file ready for print

Costs of editing, converting, formatting, ...?

Our professional editing services are extra options.

All the detailed prices are here.

To give you an idea:

  • Converting a book with no images from .doc to ePub costs €80, whatever the size or complexity
  • Getting a choice of 2 professionally designed covers costs €59
  • Getting a Fixed Layout eBook (ePub3 and KF8) for your PDF children books costs €80, whatever the size or complexity

Your Royalties

StreetLib Distribution fee is always 10% and StreetLib fee for providing a commerce solution (StreetLib Sell widget), if you use it, is always 15%. Although stores may apply different distribution fees (from 25 to 50%), we maintain an average 30% of the cover price. Nonetheless, depending on the store where your books is sold your royalties can vary for different reasons:

  • The model they use (wholesale or agency)
  • The VAT applied in the country where the book is bought and the legislation there.

If your book is published via StreetLib and sold via a StreetLib widget your total royalties are always 75% of the cover price.

Cost of selling directly your book online?

How much does a widget to sell a book cost?


What will you earn?

The 30% usually dedicated to the eCommerce platform distributing is split between you and StreetLib:

  • 15% of the cover price of the book sold on the widget goes to you each time someone buys it.
  • 15% of the cover price of the book sold on the widget goes to StreetLib each time someone buys it.

Reminder: Anyone can get the widget and sell books. page

Cost of getting a page ready to promote and sell


Your free and automated page on StreetLib Stores is ready for you: claim your book and start promoting and selling online! You’ll get a great URL (SEO relevant), a beautiful page that you’ll be able to edit to enter your promoting content and, of course, you get the 15% distribution royalties for the books you sell there on top of your author’s and publisher’s royalties!

Cost of distributing printed copies of your book online?

For your book to be set up and prepared for distribution:


What will you earn?

About 39% of the book’s cover price for each sale. StreetLib will keep the usual 10% and printed and distribution costs are estimated at ~51%. You can get a detail and example of the printing costs on the dedicated POS pricing page:

No engagement, constraint or hidden fees: