Print on Sale

Print and distribute copies of your book online!

How does it work?

  • SIgn up

    Register your book on POS for free! Zero upfront cost

  • Publish

    Upload all the required content, including the book's metadata and choose the format in which you want it available for sale. We take care of the rest.

  • Approve

    You'll receive a message requiring your stamp of approval before the file is published. You'll be able to check the file ready for print and confirm before it goes live in online libraries.

  • Sell

    Your paper book will then be available on online shelves! Every time a reader buys your paper book, it'll be printed and sent to him.

Break down costs

No advance on printing costs, no stock or return costs: Thanks to Print on Sale, printing and distribution of printed copies become a sustainable option.
Upload your book’s file, add the cover and metadatas: this is all we need to make your printed book available for readers all over the world.

Personal settings

Select the paper type, the page number and the type of cover you want. Send only the front cover as we will take care of the back cover and spine for you!

We manage any book printing format between:

  • 152*228 mm (6*9 inches) and 210*297 mm (8.26 *11.69 inches) for Black&White books
  • 152*228 mm (6*9 inches) and 148*210 mm (5.8*8.26 inches) for books including colors inside.

Printing costs don’t depend on the format!

You’ll find all the specifications your book file needs to follow here.


Reach readers worldwide

Putting up your book on our Print on Sale service, with an assigned ISBN, you’ll make it available on the following Amazon online stores,,,,,
It will also be distributed on the Italian retailer managed by Amazon Giunti al Punto as well as on StreetLib Stores, if you pair it with the digital version as indicated here.
We are working on expanding our distribution network and will allow your printed book, very soon, to reach many other online bookstores!

Work out your royalties

Use our calculator thanks to which you’ll be able to know your earnings for every single POS sale, net from the store’s commission and printing costs, obviously depending on the book’s number of pages but also on the geographic area where it’s sold.
Your royalties payment, as always, is set quarterly.


Get your book printed and distributed worldwide

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