OverDrive is an American digital distributor of ebooks, audiobooks, music, and video titles and other digital content available in more than 64 languages. It sells your eBooks to more than 33.000 libraries in the US and 50 other countries, for them to add to their lending catalog. OverDrive is globally compatible with most major ereading devices.
Libraries purchase as many copies of a book from OverDrive as they want to make available for readers in the same lending period (usually 2 weeks). If two readers want to borrow the same book in the same period of time, the library will need to purchase two copies of the book.

Working with a wholesale model, the publisher decides how much to get whenever a library purchases a book from Overdrive, and StreetLib will accordingly define the correspondent List Price.

Update: Undefined

Unites States

Price model: Wholesale

Distributor: via Kobo

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