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Amazon is the largest online bookstore in the world. It has a specific eBook format (.mobi) and a dedicated eReader. Books distributed by Amazon are also available through an app (iOS, Android, Windows) and Amazon’s website. The Kindle eReader is in first position with 41% of market shares (2015 numbers).

Working with a wholesale model (outside EEA), Amazon will pay StreetLib 50% of the list price, StreetLib will retain the usual 10%. The royalty of the publisher is then equal to 40% of the list price. It also works with an agency model (inside EEA), in this case, the publisher will receive 60% and Streetlib 10% of the list price (in this case, equal to the cover price).

As of January 15, 2018, Amazon is updating the conditions granted to indie publishers (individuals publishing books, etc.) as detailed in the Annex 4 of our distribution agreement.

Amazon also has a subscription service for readers to access a whole catalog with no limits, paying a fixed monthly fee. Some books of our catalog are distributed on Kindle Unlimited according to an annual selection made by Amazon.

Here are the Kindle countries and territories as of October 2016:

  • US Kindle store: USA and selected other countries with surcharges*
  • UK Kindle Store: United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Jersey)
  • DE Kindle Store: Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland
  • FR Kindle Store: France, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg
  • ES Kindle Store: Andorra, Spain
  • IT Kindle Store: Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland
  • JP Kindle Store: Japan
  • NL Kindle Store: Netherlands
  • BR Kindle Store: Brazil
  • MX Kindle Store: Mexico
  • CA Kindle Store: Canada
  • IN Kindle Store: India
  • AU Kindle Store: Australia and New Zealand
  • CN Kindle Store: China (restricted access)

* In some countries, Amazon may add a surcharge on the book’s street price.

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