Meet StreetLib in the US

We've landed in New York!

Giacomo is our guy in the United States. He has opened our StreetLib USA offices in NYC and is there to help our American StreetLibers.

Do you want to talk with Giacomo? Drop him a line or chat now!

Our offices are on the premises of the Tech Incubator at the Queens College. Where exactly? Here: 65 30 Kissena Boulevard CEP Hall 2 Queens NY 11367, USA.

ABOUT STREETLIB is the largest independent multi-language publishing distributor in Europe, where we are very well known and where we’re already attending to thousands of publishers and authors. That’s why we think it’s time to go to the center of the publishing world, New York, to better serve and help all the Americans, as well as international authors and publishers, to thrive in the booming digital publishing market!

We’re here to stay and change the publishing market for the better. We want to remove all the significant obstacles to producing, distributing and selling digital and paper books. Don’t you want to know how? 🙂

Very short bio: Giacomo is with StreetLib since 2009, and since then he always worked to take down the old publishing fences by developing software and leveraging on the Internet technologies. “The books make the world a better place, so why not let them circulate at their maximum speed?” he always thought.

He’s a software engineer turned StreetLib CTO turned StreetLib USA CEO.

Do you want to talk with Giacomo? Drop him a line or chat now!

You can contact Giacomo directly via mail or even via chat! Following his public calendar, you can often find him attending events and workshops all around New York. He’ll be very happy to meet you and shake your hand! 🙂

Do you want to talk with Giacomo? Drop him a line or:

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