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Market is where the world’s best editors, designers, marketers, and other publishing pros find book projects they love to work on.

For writers, Market is where you can find everyone you need to publish well, whether self-publishing or using a traditional publisher.

How does it work?

For Professionals:

  • List a service. Or several.

    You've got skills! Describe them.

  • Wait for authors (or publishers) to contact you.

    Or contact authors whose projects you like.

  • Connect.

    Discuss. Collaborate. Create a book together.

  • Get Paid.

    You can withdraw payment monthly, or keep funds in your account.

  • On to the Next Project!

    Work together again, or form part of a new team.

For authors and publishers:

  • Describe What You’re Looking For.

    Or find a professional with the expertise you need.

  • Share a work sample.

    Just enough to make sure you're on the same page.

  • Connect.

    Get a sense of whether you'll be good collaborators.

  • Agree on a price.

    No set fees or pre-priced packages.

  • Repeat!

    Form and re-form your ideal publishing team for each and every project.

Because Great Books Are Group Productions

Market’s frictionless platform links up to StreetLib’s full suite of publishing tools:

  • Centralized project hub
  • Payment protection
  • Global reach
  • Easier marketing + business development
  • One profile whether you’re buying or selling services
  • Reviews to help keep everyone honest, accountable, and happy
  • A dedicated community forum