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StreetLib Edit is dedicated to your book’s editing and formatting. You can choose any service you need from file formatting to cover design even if you aren’t signed up to StreetLib or using any other StreetLib service. That’s editing services “à la carte”: no constraint, no contract obligation.

You can also decide to hire a coach and have him do everything to put your book in shape for you, with all our optional services described here included!

How does it work?

  • Send your request

    Send the request for the services you need and add the needed materials.

  • Professionals attend to it

    The time needed depends on the type of service you are requesting and on the type of content to be processed.

  • Receive and review

    Once all your requests treated, we'd love to hear from you. Your feedback is necessary for us to grow and provide the best service possible.

Book translation

Thanks to our partnership with Babelcube, you can get your book translated in many languages. You have no fee to advance! You will pay the translation with a percentage of your translated book’s sales revenue and the more books you sell, the smallest this percentage gets (more information)! The best part is this StreetLib-Babelcube partnership will get your translated book in all the bookstores we are partnering with! Basically, once again, you are breaking down costs and improving the comfort of publishing.


ePub2 conversion

Get your manuscript turned into a (reflowable) ePub2 file already validated and compatible with any device type. (Learn more about eBook format recommendations)

  • What do we need: your text in a .doc, .rtf, .docx or .pdf file
  • How much does it costs: $170 (€150) per eBook from PDF, and $90 (€80) from a text editor (.doc, .rtf…) whatever the size or complexity!
  • How long does it take: 10 working days

ePub3 Fixed Layout conversion

Get your children’s book, comic book or other “complex book” converted into a Fixed Layout ePub3 file (learn more about the Fixed Layout eBook format) already validated and compatible with Apple and Kindle devices (KF8).

  • What do we need: your book in a PDF format
  • How much does it cost: $90 (€80) per book, whatever the size or complexity!
  • How long does it take: 10 working days

Print Layout

Do you need help to fix the way your text looks on the page of your printed book (alignment, paragraphs, text balance on the page, etc.)? Someone can help with the layout for your printed copies.

  • What do we need: your book in a .doc or PDF file
  • How much does it cost: $310 for a book up to 100 pages ($3.10 per additional page + $2 per additional image or table)
  • How long does it take: 10 working days

Cover Design

Our graphic designer will design for you two book cover proposals so you can choose the one you like best. Conditions are detailed in this article.

    • What do we need: your book synopsis, the title, the author’s name
    • How much does it cost: $65 (€59)
    • How long does it take: 10 working days

If you are using our publishing service as an author, you will be able to request the cover design service directly from your personal dashboard when adding a new eBook to publish.

Correzione_epub non validi

erroneous ePub correction

Did you create an ePub and can’t get it published because the file didn’t pass the ePubCheck validation? We can also help you with that. You can purchase the ePub file correction service for ePub2 and/or ePub3 books.

  • What do we need: Your erroneous file
  • How much does it cost: $17/ePub (€15) file
  • How much time does it take: It depends on the size of the ePub and the complexity of the errors to correct.

Alternative to this service:

You can test our online eBook editor, StreetLib Write, and create your ePub there for free. All the files created from there are following standards and pass the ePubCheck validation before they are finalized.


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