We are StreetLib

One mission. One tribe.

We love books, and you love them too; we love them in paper, and we still love them on our screens. So we do whatever it takes to secure a dazzling future for the Book Experience by building state-of-the-art tools for producing, distributing, and reading books and ebooks for a worldwide community of book-lovers.

A motley coalition of techies, entrepreneurs, writers, designers, and escapees from traditional publishing, we all share a common goal: to imagine what books can be, and to implement what we’ve imagined.

We want to make great books available to everyone, everywhere. Because words are the programming language of our worlds, and connections between readers, writers, and publishers animate our network, in this world and the many worlds of imagination.

Our Tribe

  • Pamela Moro
    Pamela Moro bookkeeper
  • Nives Gaudenzi
      Nives Gaudenzi Bookkeeper
    • Lorenzo Giuggiolini
      Lorenzo Giuggiolini Print Division Manager
    • Mark Williams
      Mark Williams Director, International Communications, StreetLib
      Editor-in-Chief, The New Publishing Standard