What is StreetLib?

One mission. One tribe

Our manifesto

The Book is in danger, and StreetLib will do whatever it takes to save it.

Deeply rooted in the Hip Hop culture, StreetLib lives in the online streets, taking every opportunity to help Book projects see the light of day.

If you’d like to be part of the Book Salvation Army, you’ve come to the right place. If you just love books, this is also the right place!

Write, Read, Create, Share, Sell, Edit: Tell us what you need, try out our tools and let us guide on your journey to publishing and sharing books.

Our Tribe

  • Antonio Tombolini
    Antonio Tombolini Founder & CEO
  • Giacomo D’Angelo
    Giacomo D’Angelo StreetLib USA CEO

    +1 (929) 352-4630

  • Lucia Zitelli StreetLib USA COO
  • AC de Fombelle
    AC de Fombelle CGO - Communication manager
  • Michele Marcucci Web Architect
  • Federico Pugnaloni
    Federico Pugnaloni Full Stack Web Developper
  • Melinda Viccica
    Melinda Viccica Web/UI designer
  • Fabio Nicotra
    Fabio Nicotra Software Developer
  • Marta D’Asaro Art Director
  • Patrizia Dalpiano
    Patrizia Dalpiano Bookkeeper
  • Pamela Moro
    Pamela Moro bookkeeper
  • Callum Downs English Copywriter
  • Stefano Tombolini
    Stefano Tombolini Project Manager
  • Giovanna Russo Customer Care Director
  • Giulia Sbaffo
    Giulia Sbaffo Customer Care agent
  • Francesco Onofri
    Francesco Onofri Customer Care Agent
  • Lorenzo Giuggiolini
    Lorenzo Giuggiolini Print Division Manager
  • Claudia Panunzio Print manager, customer care assistant
  • Serena Vissani
    Serena Vissani Print manager