Analytics on your dashboard: Get personal with sales data

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If you are a curious user (and I do hope you are) and went to your personal dashboard this past week, you probably saw and clicked on the new “Analytics” tab on your dashboard’s menu.
That’s right: our amazing Tech team has developed great Analytics data for you. That’s a lot of superlatives but, believe me, this is worth it!
If you aren’t curious and did not already take a look, let me take you to a tour of this wonderful new part of your dashboard. You’ll see how you can set filters to see data on a customized period, a specific book, author, or genre, how you can see your top retailers, top titles and how you can see the distribution of your sales worldwide:

Filter Powers


Not only can you set a specific timeframe for the sales data you’ll see in the Analytics tab but you can also filter by author, genre, etc:


Best Performers

On top of an overview of your earnings and sales units, you’ll get your top 5 for different categories: retailers, titles, authors, genres and – clicking on the “spread-out” arrows – you’ll see the whole category ranking:


World Distribution

Before you can finish by taking a look at your detailed report, check the way your books’ sales spread worldwide and adjust your book promotion accordingly.


If you need to get back to this presentation or get specific details, you can go to this Help Center post. And of course, we are always happy to get your feedback: don’t hesitate to write to us!

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