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You can now put your book on POS and sell the paper version online with no upfront cost. As you may have read in our latest email, we decided to waive the €40 fee to support even more the flow of books, even in their paper formats. Go to our Print On Sale service online now and start selling paper books!

zero-pos-roundOur whole point is to spread books, and help people who want to share them. We never prefered a type of format, a type of people, a type of book: we just go with the best option and work with it. Today, new technologies allow us to spread paper books almost as easily as eBooks and, naturally, we want to help you benefit from it. This is why we worked hard to develop tools that would allow us to reduce the price of managing paper books and, today, we are able to remove totally any upfront cost for our beloved StreetLibers. As usual, our services are self service, with no constraint or obligation and no Zero upfront cost.

We are always working to get more and more partners so that your books are spread the widest possible, we hope to announce new partners on the printed side of things soon! In the meantime, don’t forget you can sell your paper book on your own bookstore, right along with your ebook, thanks to StreetLib Stores!

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