It’s time for you to sell your own books!

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We are proud to announce the full release of StreetLib Stores. Our dedicated technical team has delivered a way for you to create your own online bookstore in less than 5 minutes (we counted!)

Here is a video to show you how:

You can discover in this demo, the few simple steps needed for you create your own bookstore (and connect it to your own website thanks to customizable domain names).

Becoming bookseller, the 30% of the book price normally taken from sales revenues to be given to the retailer are now split equally between you and StreetLib (to cover hosting, tool management and ecommerce costs). Which means you can add 15% to the royalties you already earn as a publisher and/or author.

Added bonus? You can also sell books you recommend or just want to share. Any book of the StreetLib catalog is available for you. You always will get those 15% for the books you sell on your bookstore.

You can read the full press release here.

So, go ahead and create your bookstore now! You really need just 5 minutes to have it online!

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