StreetLib Tribe meeting 2016 : we saw the future (or not)

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If you read my post-holidays newsletters, you know we had a team meeting – or, as we like to call ourselves, a tribe* meeting – a few days back and that it was about the future. The content of our meeting was indeed a reflexion about “The Book” (not talking about the Bible here, just the book concept, in general) and what may come of it in fifteen years time, and beyond.

* Even though the original inspiration for us to be a tribe was Hugh MacLeod with his“Mediocre companies have teams. Great companies have tribes.” I feel Jefferies’ CEO Rich Handler got it even better:

“A team is a collection of people all working for a common goal. A tribe is a collection of people who know why they are together, are passionate about each other, bleed for a unified common cause and trust each other implicitly (…)” (source)

I published a Medium post  (yes we are on Medium, follow us there!) to talk about the content of this reflexion as it is a general Book reflexion and not content strictly related to StreetLib or to the StreetLibers’ community. However, I wanted to give you a little glimpse of this meeting here as it was also a company event :).

The StreetLib offices are really virtual ones. We have meetings online. We manage projects online. We chat online. We brainstorm online. On that notes, I’d like to pass on our thanks to Google services, Trello, Basecamp and such…
But there is still a place where it all started: Loreto, Italy. A selected few of you will now it’s a charming little town in the Adriatic seaside of Italy where Catholique pilgrims come to visit the house of the Virgin Mary (presumably moved there by crusaders). If you’d like to get an idea it looks like this:


Not too shabby, if you ask me! That’s where we gathered, the same way we did at the beginning of the year, to talk about the future.

streetlib+15 2-01Being a digital company, we need to evolve and adapt quickly to be sure to thrive in this fast paced environment. In this context, we probably could have focused on our company, StreetLib, to figure out what it’ll be in the future. But that’s not what happened. And there is a reason for that. We focused on books. Just books. Not what StreetLib will do with books but just books. Why? Because that’s what we care about. We wanted to find out what books will be so that we can adapt to it, not the other way around. He didn’t say this in those exact words but Antonio, our CEO, basically said before our meeting:

“My fellow tribe members, ask not what books can do for StreetLib, ask what StreetLib can do for books.”

It’s not about what StreetLib can do with books but what StreetLib can do for books. We care about books and want to be part of their journey. Anyway, you can read more on this on Medium. It was a pleasure, as ever, to gather and to share these beautiful company times. I hope you enjoyed getting a quick look at it!

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