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WOW is here and you are welcome to be a part of it! You may have seen on the past week on our social channels some writer’s portraits being shared: they are all Writers Of the World and you are now invited to join them. With Writers Of the World, we are giving a place for all of you to share who you are and be able to discover the StreetLibers’ community.

“You can write a book more and more whenever you want, whatever you want, however you want, whoever you are. And this is beautiful. Be part of the WOW project: You too are a Writer Of the World.”

Antonio Tombolini, StreetLib CEO

Becoming and being a writer can arise from one event or a lifelong thought. There is a poetry behind the unfolding of a writer’s origin: what made him want to start creating phrases, paragraphs, whole books. You’ll see, on the few portraits already there, that we are opening the door into a writer’s interior: his home interior as well as his soul’s.

“Not an escape to reality, but a way to learn it, to tame it. (…) It’s only an instant, but it’s eternal.”
Angelo Ricci, Writer Of the World


With just a few words, each writer manages to give the key to what made him love books and writing. Now is your turn to write this same key and be a part of the Writers Of the World’s beautiful community!

wow roundYou are all invited to participate and we do hope to receive thousands of your portraits. Here is how it works:

  • You send your portrait and pictures following the indications here to
  • We add you to the wall of writers on the website as well as Instagram and share the links with you.
  • You then can, of course, use the links to share and use for your promotion at liberty and we will also feature you on our social medias accounts (Twitter and Facebook).

Feel free to send your text in English, French, Italian or Spanish: we’ll take care of the translation for you!
This is also a good opportunity to be more present online and, once again, at no cost. I hope to receive your portrait very soon!

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