Updates on StreetLib Sell & StreetLib Stores: StreetLib doesn’t sell and StreetLib doesn’t store

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No, I haven’t gone totally crazy.

First, it’s been a long time since you heard about StreetLib Sell but it definitely still exists, it just has been hiding behind MyBook.is. Then, you probably never heard about StreetLib Stores, but that’s totally normal: it’s a new name for one of our services. To learn more about StreetLib Sell & Stores, you’ll just have to click the links and read the words 🙂 Enjoy!

Finally, I stand by what I’m saying: even with services called StreetLib Sell and StreetLib stores, StreetLib doesn’t Sell and StreetLib doesn’t Store.

StreetLib doesn’t Sell

blogpost sell_ex-squareWe are not the ones selling but just helping you to sell! When we launched MyBook.is, we allowed you to claim your own book page and become the distributor of this book, with a beautiful layout to sell it online. MyBook.is is an extension of our service StreetLib Sell which allows anyone to become a bookseller with no need to develop or buy an e-commerce system or even an online platform.

All this with no upfront cost. Today, we are taking this to the next level and turning MyBook.is into a proper store. With filters, categories, currencies choices, and everything.

It’s one more way for us to let the book flow

StreetLib is the tool, the Swiss Knife, to get people to spread books all over the world thanks to the Internet. And it’s again to apply this philosophy that we are giving you StreetLib Stores.

Why plural “Stores” and not a simple “Store”?

Even though StreetLib Stores is a bookstore, with a growing catalog and people coming in to buy books, the difference is that our main goal is not to sell books ourselves but indeed to allow book lovers to build their own bookstores thanks to us. Each book page of our StreetLib Stores is a mini bookstore of its own and we are working to allow people to develop these bookstores, creating their collection, etc.


Changing the name to StreetLib Stores is a first step in that direction. In the future, authors will not only be able to claim their book pages but they will be able to easily have a bookstore of their own online.

When everything is ready, we hope to help a whole lot of bookstores to be created and managed. It’s not just a store, it’s potential hundreds of future stores! Hence the plural 🙂

StreetLib doesn’t store

Here I’ll admit I’m twisting my own words a little to be able to introduce another new feature:
Another groundbreaking news for StreetLib as we are joining our POS (Print On Sale) tool with the newly-named StreetLib Stores. We are beta testing this feature mainly in Italy but it basically allows you to sell printed copies of the book, still paying no advance on printing costs and adding 15% distribution ! How crazy is this!

So, no we aren’t starting to store paper books and distribute them, falling into the trap of unmanageable expenses for storage and returns, we are actually taking advantage of new technologies to print only the books once they are ordered. Hence, “StreetLib doesn’t store” 🙂

NB: We are launching this with our Italian printing partner meaning we are able to deliver books in the European Union and in the United States. We are working on delivering worldwide.

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