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As you probably saw if you are a regular StreetLiber, you now have a single StreetLib sign up getting you to your personal dashboard where you can use all our tools in one single place.
dashboard-menuFollowing the StreetLib unification path, we are now gathering all your billing information and profiles, from different services in one single place. The invoices you found before in your Selfpublish app, POS app or any other of our tools will no be all automatically redirected to the dashboard and gathered all in one place… and there is more!
Let me detail for you all the new features we launched:

Your billing profile(s)

You’ll now have one place to manage your billing profile for all our services.
We don’t recommend that you create more than one billing profile. However, you may need to, for instance if you are publishing both your own book as a personal project and a book you wrote for your company (thus needing to be invoiced to a different account, maybe with a VAT number).
If you already entered invoicing information in one of our services, they’ll be used to automatically create your default billing profile in your dashboard.

billing profiles

Make sure you have a valid billing profile. You can add one using the pink button

You can manage billing profiles in a new simplified interface.
Instead of needing different StreetLib account to be billed with multiple accounts, you can have different billing profiles in your own StreetLib account and manage them all directly in your dashboard.
You’ll have a default profile and the possibility to choose another profile whenever needed
You’ll be able to delete unused profiles, edit and manage others, etc.

NB: reminder for United States residents: You can now be paid directly in USD by StreetLib USA but need to fill in the right form and send it to us. More information here.

Your Pending invoices

If you are using our Self Publishing platform, your invoices will be automatically validated and you don’t need to do anything to be paid.

However, if you are using our Publish platform because you are a Publishing company, You need to match our generated invoices with your accounting system.
You’ll find your Pending invoices all gathered under the related menu tab.
To validate them you need to check the billing profile, add a date and invoicing number. We can’t pay you if your invoice isn’t validated.
You’ll be able to download them in different formats (.CSV, .XLS, .PDF)

billing validate invoice

Your Sales invoices

You’ll find your validated invoices there and we’ll automatically proceed with quarterly payments.
You’ll also be able to download, for each row, the sales reports.
You’ll see in the list the related earnings’ period.

Your purchase invoices

If you are using Publish, your Google chrome sales are directly paid to you, you’ll find here our invoice for our distribution fee.

billing purchase invoices

Everyone will also soon find here our invoices for  extra options (edit, streetlib coach, etc.) and be able to download them the same way. We are still working on this service evolution and we’ll keep you posted as soon as it’s ready!

If you are lost, you can always go to our Help Center or contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

The best way for you to discover this new interface is actually to go there and click on!

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