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News and updatesIf you didn’t hear yet, ePub is the eBook standard format, we thus spend time trying to get you tools that will help you the best way possible with this type of files. This led to a new feature on our StreetLib Write online editor: once again our technical team is allowing our tools to grow leaps and bounds! While they spent days building this new option, I’ll keep the announcement short and simple:

You can now import an ePub to edit it into StreetLib Write!

EPUB-01What does it mean? It means if you built an eBook in ePub format from any platform or tool (Office, InDesign, Calibre, StreetLib Write, etc.) and want to modify it or fix it, you can!

There is not much more to detail here, I think you see for yourself how this is an excellent news 🙂 Now, you may want to have a bit of technical details so I’ll directly quote here a member of the Tech team:

It works as follows:
  • The Write Importer lets you select .epub files to be imported
  • Write recognizes the book structure (chapters) from the OPF/OCX files (it will check also the HTML Table Of Contents, if any)
  • The chapters list is directly imported from the structure of the EPUB, so there’s no “chapter preview” here. We aren’t guessing the chapters list from the formatting of the manuscript (as in the Word import) but taking directly from the file’s structure.
  • All the CSS of the imported EPUB will be cleaned, we only maintain the basic paragraph formatting. Then, when the author/publisher exports the new EPUB from Write, the final file will get the graphic layout of the chosen Write graphic theme.”

Basically, our beloved Write platform now knows how to deal with ePub files to build a beautiful eBook ready to be published and, why not, a PDF file ready-for-print!

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