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We are always proud to see our StreetLibers succeed and the pride is joined by true gratitude when these streetlibers want to associate us with their success. Here is a press release about 2 events coming up in New York City for Annapatrizia Settembre, one of our StreetLibers. As you know, we now have offices in New York and we’ll be happy to participate to these events.

Two important events are coming up in New York for Annapatrizia Settembre, an Italian Artist born in Naples. All of Annapatrizia’s books are distributed and sold on all the most relevant online stores of the world thanks to

Book Presentation at New York University
246 Greene St New York, NY 10003 USA
Kimball Hall – First floor lounge
JUNE 24, 2016 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm


Cav. Josephine A. Maietta AIAE President (“The Association of Italian American Educators”) will present Jonathan’s Youth: Annapatrizia Settembre’s novel.
This novel is the English version of the Italian I ragazzi di Jonathan. Annapatrizia Settembre tells us about love in a simple and painful way. Life experiences lived by underprivileged children described with hope for the future, assumptions of coexistence and brotherhood free from ideological and / or moralistic barriers.” says Cav. Josephine A. Maietta.
Will be present at the event Annapatrizia Settembre with Francesca Moneti, UNICEF New York ‘s Senior child protection specialist and Giacomo D’Angelo of StreetLib USA.
Francesca Moneti writes in Jonathan’s youth foreword: “Giovannino, Annina, Salvatore, Savio. Fictitious names perhaps, but real young men and women – already seasoned and hardened in many ways – who struggle to survive in castigating realities on the margins of a society that provides them no decent opportunities. They exist in Naples, and also in thousands of other cities throughout the world. Though her touching yet realistic prose, Annapatrizia Settembre enables us to see the power of believing in Jonathan’s Youth, a power that transforms both the youth and those who listen to them, get close to them, support them. She wakes our sensibilities to the horror of lives that seem to have no hope, and the responsibility we all have but do not sufficiently act upon. But she also whispers to our hearts that the solutions are not to be found in creating institutions that simply take the youth further away from society. The solution can be found by welcoming them, connecting with them in ways they can relate to, really caring for them in ways that they can feel. The joy, maybe felt for the first time, is real among the youth, but it is perhaps even greater for those who helped to bring light into their lives. It is possible to make a difference. It takes trust in the inner goodness of Jonathan’s youth. It takes understanding. And what it gives back is so much more.”
Annapatrizia chose StreetLib for her publishing endeavors and StreetLib is happy to be part of her adventure. Giacomo D’Angelo, CEO of StreetLib USA says:

“Our pride is to see writers and book lovers like Annapatrizia Settembre find the tools and support they need for their publishing journey with StreetLib. We are so thankful to see people from every horizon, all book lovers, come to us to write, publish, distribute, spread and share books. Annapatrizia isn’t only doing that but she also shows great initiative and effort to promote her work, truly taking her publisher’s function at heart.”

Opening at Whitney Amsterdam Gallery
531 West 25th Street, Chelsea New York
JUNE 25, 2016 from 3:00 to 5:00

Annapatrizia Settembre paintings from the art catalog “UP/AP in the sky: “Paintings and poems”.

Annapatrizia Settembre_dipinto

“Amato Mio” Annapatrizia Settembre

Ruthie Tucker, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s Executive Director – Curator,  describes: “Influenced by Gaughin’s proclamation that “Literary poetry in a painter is something special, and is neither illustration nor the translation of writing by form,” Annapatrizia Settembre’s fantastical œuvre emblematizes this statement through her spectral, poetic canvases which reverberate with dynamic hues and dazzling tones. A tangible manifestation of visually inspired poetry on canvas, Ms Settembre’s expressionistic paintings illustrate the rhythmical creation of human emotion, Working with a layered complexity of influences; moods, past experiences and observances of life, Italian born and based Annapatrizia Settembre builds a visual poem of lyrical expressionistic work which seeks to channel the energized act of painting into a fresh form of a painterly syntax.
Kaleidoscopic colors are the hallmark of Annapatrizia Settembre’s dreamscapes reverberating with a rainbow palette that floats effervescently on the canvas, creating an atmospheric haze. Bathing her forms in a gem-colored background resonating with a color wheel comprised of Mediterranean blues, sun kissed yellows and passionate earth reds, this gifted artist is deeply influenced by expressionism. By creating a dazzling hued synesthetic phenomenon, her unbridled emotion reveals a singular language resulting in a cornucopia of color.  Her imprimatur of tonalities resulting in a saturated spectrum of hues and luscious tones, results in a tactile canvases of aesthetic beauty.
Mesmerizing  and brilliant, Annapatrizia Settembre’s opulent canvases explore an inner terrain which evanescently manifests into a mystical. emotional aura. A visual invocation of the external world, her canvases vibrate with an internal synthesis of experience and inward direction. With a skilled instinctive emphasis on color and composition, this contemporary Italian Master lyrically explores the interior and exterior beauty and passion of our universe.
Within each compelling poetic painting, this gifted artist achieves a delicate balance between color and form, culminating  in a strong sense of harmony.  By enforcing the complexities and nuances of color, Annapatrizia Settembre’s œuvre poetically provides the dramatic power of her art. Celebrated both in Europe and the U.S. her work is proudly installed in both corporate and private collections, both globally and in New York.  Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this important international art star!”

Annapatrizia Settembre said about both events:
I believe that love makes the world go round. I go around the world with my deep feeling of love. I put it in my words and in my colors. I try to keep smells and memories, hopes and dreams, to sweep away fears and to give courage, optimism and a sense of victory. My paintings and my novels contain my positive thinking and a special connection with nature and the cosmos.”

Contact information:

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
www.AmsterdamWhitneyGallery. com

Annapatrizia Settembre
annapatriziasettembre@gmail. com

Giacomo D’Angelo

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