Why publishing to Amazon through StreetLib is better than going direct

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You may think that going directly through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is obviously better than going through StreetLib, that will retain an added 10%, to publish on Amazon. Warning: you could be wrong. 

Our help center is basically about answering our most frequently asked questions so we decided to turn each article into conversations that would happen between you, the writer, and us to answer the question. Most recently, I’ve published one called:

“Why should I distribute to Amazon through your services and not directly thanks to KDP?”

Which is a question we get a lot. Until you know in detail the conditions of each self publishing service, you can’t see why there would be a reason to go to StreetLib in priority but the truth is, in many many cases, your royalties will end up higher on StreetLib’s side.


Are you sure you’ll get 70% from Amazon?


The main reasons are limitations on KDP’s side, clearly explained in their pricing conditions and regarding the book price, the book’s file size. Here is a table summing up everything for you (these prices are in the hypothesis that your book file is 5MB). And don’t hesitate to go check the full conversation on our Help Center here.


Basically, Amazon only pays 70% for books priced between $2.99 and $9.99 and may add a delivery fee for each Megabyte of your book file. Oh and the 70% are not available for publishers in Brazil, Japan, Mexico and India if they aren’t enrolled in KDP select.


We are however very happy if you fall into the conditions giving you more royalties going direct.

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