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A coach to help you every step of the way

Ladies and Gentlemen, StreetLib is happy and proud to present its first “StreetLib Coach” packageWith a dedicated coach available for you everyday you can now acquire a set of hands to help you deal with every step of the publication of your book.

What can your Coach do for you?

The most important point is the constant support: everything you need to do will be done by us, using our services, with no need for you to get your hands dirty but keeping your publishing independence. Your coach is here with you, getting your book in shape with you, according to your wishes and with his/her StreetLib expertise.

In this package we also include all our optional perks: cover design, file conversion, POS setup, proofreading, etc. see the whole service description here. If you buy it, you get it all. Keeping the freedom to do whatever you want with your book.

“We want to give an opportunity for authors to get their book in shape with a dedicated coach available for them all along their publishing marathon. You no longer have to do it all alone, our coach is here with you every step of the publishing way, to get your book to the finish line the best way possible.”

Antonio Tombolini, StreetLib CEO

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How would it work?

Once you purchase the StreetLib Coach service, you will be contacted by your StreetLib coach to set up activities with him or her. You’ll just need to provide a book manuscript and your coach will take care of everything for you.
You’ll be in direct contact with a real human available for you anytime to give you advice and to do whatever is needed for your book. From start to finish, put your book in experts hands and keep creative control and business independence.
You purchase a package for one book’s publication.

Get your book in shape with a dedicated coach!

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