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tips-tricks-roundIf you read a few of my Tips & Tricks articles or those of others online you probably have concluded that we think you are living 4 lives. We tell you “take time to write”, “you need to spend time on your promotion and communication”, “your editing has to be good so dedicate enough time to it”, etc. while we know that you probably have a daily job, maybe a family, hobbies, friends to visit, a house to tend to, etc. How do we expect you to fit all this in a week?


We don’t.



Self publishing, you are your own boss. Time is in your hands

Don’t forget that writing and publishing a book is no sprint race. If you can only spend three hours a week on book related activities, it’s fine! Keep those three hours and do the best you can. You’ll finish when you finish. If you aren’t convinced by this simple statement, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t rush into a book publication.

  1. You can’t put a clock on creativity. Although a lot of authors work on deadlines, they still need a free time to first process their idea and make it into a book project. This time can’t be rushed.
  2. You need to like what you write. Forcing yourself to keep going and write down pages that you’ll end up hating will only have one effect: your readers will most certainly also hate it.
  3. You shouldn’t replace a constraint by another. You decided to take charge of the publication of your book, this means you can manage entirely the end result. You are free of any business eyes over your shoulders telling you to do, change, modify this or that with no control. It’d be a pity to replace those eyes with a new restricting boss called time.
  4. You should love the end product. Points 2 and 3 enlight this truly important fourth one. You are the boss and you’ll need to be convincing selling your book: you should and need to love the book once finished. Don’t cut on editing, designing or proofreading to be a bit faster.

It may be frustrating but I have no wiser words here than “by time and toil we sever what strength and rage could never.

On this I live you with your time!

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