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Editing-servicesWhen publishing a book, there are skills you may need to outsource: proofreading, editing, cover designs but also your book’s layout and eBook formatting. This is why we’ve been offering these services and today we are updating them. We were previously offering these services “per page” but often realized that it didn’t align with the time needed for different files or to author’s budgets. This is why now you can get these services for fixed prices per book:

  • Conversion to ePub2 (normal eBook standard format) costs €80 from a text file (.doc, .rtf, etc.) and €150 from a PDF file.
  • Conversion to ePub3 (complex eBook standard format) costs €150
  • Fixing an erroneous eBook file (not passing the ePubCheck test) costs €15

editingThis is whatever the book’s size or complexity!

  • Preparing your book file for Print costs €290 per book, for up to 100 pages (after which each additional page costs €2,90)

To get good quality books out there, some expenses are just good investments. Especially when they are this cheap. We are also working on adding other editing services for international authors for you to be able to have your book proofread, edited, etc. whatever the language of your book. The way for us to be able to offer this is to find professional editors native speakers of the said languages (at first we are looking for English, German and Spanish speakers). It may take a bit of time for us to find people we can trust to put your manuscripts in their hands so I hope you’ll be patient! (and if you’d like to apply, don’t hesitate to contact me!) 

Details are on our EDIT page:

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