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There are many ways to sell books. I was recently listening Seth Godin on a great TED talk about the need to be remarkable to get an idea to spread today as the good old “interrupt-everyone’s-lives-by-telling-them-about-your-idea/product” doesn’t seem to be the best way anymore. The way to promote and sell changes with time and with the market but there is one thing that can never change: nobody will buy your product if they don’t see it on sale. That’s where distribution comes in. Be it digital or physical books, the best your distribution of it is, the more probable it becomes for your readers to find it.

24-symbolsThis is why we always try to find new partners and we are always happy when these partners grow. Today, it’s again 24Symbols who, after creating DigiBooksClub and putting their catalog (including ours) into the US market (read about it here), are now partnering with libraries to offer it for loans in Latin America (and in the future in other libraries).

You may have received an email about it yesterday telling you about it and explaining the details. If you didn’t you can follow the link here.

Distribution is one important first step for your book to find their readers as it improves your visibility and as I was saying If people can’t see your book on sale the chance that they will buy it reduces dramatically. This is the reason why we are excited and thank 24Symbols for partnering with us and always improving their spread.


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