24 Symbols goes to the US with DigiBooksClub!

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24-symbols24 symbols reaches the US with DigiBooksClub and your book is coming along for the trip. If you chose to distribute your book on 24 Symbols, one of the subscription services among our partners, you’ll see it appear on the coming weeks on DigiBooksClub virtual shelves.

DigiBooksClub logoDigiBooksClub is a new white labeled service working in partnership with a mobile carrier: Tracfone. 24 Symbols is working with Tracfone to offer a book platform to all their clients (Tracfone has 7.2 Millions users). DigiBooksClub is a credits based digital reading platform. Subscribed users receive 100 credits that they can exchange for eBooks and they can always buy more credits when needed.

On the author-publisher’s side, the sales of this project will appear in the same reports and with the same conditions than with 24 symbols.

News and updatesIt’s an opportunity for all our StreetLibers to expand once again their reach in the US market where eBook usage is flourishing. As we grow and move forward in the publishing world, we focus on new perspectives and are happy to be able to strengthen our presence in the United States to add to our solid presence in Europe.

On that specific subject (our presence in the US) we have exciting news coming up so stay tuned 😉

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