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bookshelvesEvery time someone in the world decides to become an online bookseller, a book fairy is born. No, just kidding, although it would be cool. More seriously, wouldn’t it be great to know they’ll be able to add your book on their virtual bookshelves? Of course, this is something we already offer with our great SELL platform. But what if someone goes another way to become a bookseller. Say, going to Hummingbird Digital Media? Well, thanks to our newest add to our ever growing retailers’ list, all the StreetLib catalog is also going to be available there!

Who is Hummingbird Digital Media?

Hummingbird-Digital-Media-logoYou can discover all about HummingbirdDM on their website here but let me sum it up for you: Hummingbird Digital Media, whose parent company is Papertrell, allows anyone to create easily an online bookstore with personalized design and access to a catalog of hundreds of thousands of books.

That’s where we come in. All the books published through StreetLib (which can mean yours!) will be added to their catalog in the coming weeks!

How does it work and what’s in it for you?

Not only it is an opportunity for you to get more visibility and reach new readers but of course you can get royalties out of this partnership as well.

HummingbirdDM works with a simple wholesale model and give us 50% of the sales made through them. Once we deduct our usual 10% share, you get the 40% left!

What do you need to do?

publish-roundIt’s quite easy and maybe you’re sick of hearing this over and over again: if your book is already published with us, you don’t have anything to do! We automatically will add your books to their catalog. If, for any specific reason, you don’t wish to have your book there, no problem: Just go to your StreetLib dashboard and un-tick the “HummingbirdDM” store.

If however you wish your book could benefit this offer (and also be distributed in more than 50 online bookstores) and regret that you still haven’t published it with StreetLib well worry not! A few steps and clicks is all it takes! Start here!

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