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You’ve asked for it, we always wanted to give it to you, the tech team has worked day and night to build it for you and it’s finally here: the StreetLib Unique Dashboard!

What does this mean exactly?

As you may know, we have multiple applications online allowing you to do everything on your publishing endeavor:

  • StreetLib Write: our free online writing tool creating beautiful books for you
  • StreetLib Publish: to spread your book in online retailers and reach the whole world at no upfront cost
  • StreetLib POS: to put printed copies of your book online without paying the printing fees in advance.
  • StreetLib Sell: allowing you to get a beautiful online for your book with MyBook.is AND to get a widget anyone can put anywhere online to sell your book, all for free.

single dashboard

So, what does a single dashboard for these apps bring?

First, one single place to access everything. No need to sign up to each service, if you sign up for one, you can enter all!
Some services will require extra information but your profile will be spread everywhere (e.g. using Write doesn’t require billing informations while Publish does, so we’ll ask for them inside Publish’s app). However, as you know have one single profile, updates you make to it (personal information, billing data, etc.) will apply for every service!

Instead of signing up to each of our service, you know can sign up to StreetLib and be on your way!


single dashboard menuThen, a very important plus is one single place for sales reports, invoices, receipts and bills. We already are gathering everything from every place where you sell your book, now we are also gathering all your StreetLib documents in one single place!

All your monthly sales reports whether they are from SelfPublish, POS, your MyBook.is page or a SELL widget  will be gathered and make your data management even easier!


Finally, one single dashboard = one version of Term of Services and agreement. You’ll know very clearly what you are signing up for. (I’m pretty proud of the Term of Services page, you never saw a TOS doc like this, I promise. You absolutely need to read it when you sign up! And not just because, really, anyone should read the TOS doc before signing up to anything). We always work to give you the most transparency possible and this is truly one step forward to do so.


We’re really trying to gather all your publishing tools in one single Swiss-Knife. Our tech team worked hard on this and I can only thank and congratulate them! To make this new dashboard even more fitted to your needs, you just need to send us your feedback and we’ll work to improve it until it’s the perfect publishing tool!
Thanks again to our tech team and enjoy!

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