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tips-tricks-roundI’ll be off for a couple of weeks starting today (worry not, you’ll still get our news regularly:) but it made me think of a topic for our Tips & Tricks category that could be of interest for you: how to deal with a leave from online communication?

If you are a committed online communication and promotion person, you probably are plugged-in working hours, share, curate, create and publish content and follow up with ongoing conversations related to your book industry (namely: publishing), community (namely: readers) and topics (namely: well, it depends here obviously).
web communicationThose things you are allowed to/should stop while on Holidays. “But,” you may ask “won’t I lower all my stats, risk losing readers and put in jeopardy the benefice of long efforts building an online community?

My answer: Yes, no, yes, no. It’ll, in terms of numbers, probably mean a drop in results: less clicks, views, comments and other statistics that keep us in our toes everyday. So? Will your readers never speak to you again? Doubtful; Even more so if you take the time to warn them that you’re leaving. Nobody is going to be offended of your silence if they know why you’re giving them the silence treatment.

My suggestion: post something on your blog (this is my warning, by the way), on your social pages and have a nice out of office email. And of course, enjoy your holidays! Off to my Best Friend’s wedding now 🙂


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