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These past few weeks (or as it been months?), we’ve announced quite regularly a new partner distributing our catalog and helping your book’s visibility grow and grow. Signing up with StreetLib, you have to know your visibility will be no Peter Pan, trying to stay young all its life and not wanting to grow. Quite the opposite and in fact, this week won’t be different!
For those signed up with StreetLib, you received a new email announcing a very exciting partnership with
Playster! You’ll find in this email all the usual details* and ways for you to enjoy this new channel to spread your books, if you published it us. It is my great pleasure to announce it also here, where all the world can read about the benefits of this new partnership.

Playster is the world’s first all-inclusive online entertainment service, bringing together music, movies, books and games into a single subscription. Users get unlimited access to their wide catalog in all media formats for a $24.95 monthly fee. They can also choose to sign up only for books (their book catalog is more that 1 million titles, and growing) for just $9.95/month.
Based in Canada, Playster is available worldwide, in 11 different languages.

Playster logo with text

This new partnership adds a new distributor to our constantly growing list and opens StreetLib’s catalog to a new audience: the Multimedia users. Authors-publishers will be able to feature their books to people not necessarily only book centered thanks to Playster’s all-inclusive offer.

For Playster subscribers, it’s an opportunity to discover a more diverse catalog with books available in 50 different languages and, of course, a very rich Italian catalog, StreetLib’s native language.

If you would like to enjoy this new way to reach readers with your book, you just have one thing left to do: Sign up to StreetLib!


* Did you sign up to StreetLib and didn’t receive the email? Just contact us we’ll forward it to you asap and make sure you receive all our communications in the future!

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