You can now publish free eBooks to boost your promotion.

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book priceWhen publishing a book with us, you can now set the book price at 0€.

This is something users have requested for promotion reasons and we wished to answer their need. However, we truly think that a book has to be valued to its right price so we highly recommend that you use this “free eBook” option cautiously.

Why would you give a book for free?

  • If you are releasing a second volume of a book series, maybe the 1st one could become available for free on the first launching days of the second.
  • You could use some pages of a book as a teaser before it’s launched and publish those as a small eBook for free.
  • Another reason to publish for free is if the free content supports a book sold normally: a short story about a character present in a novel, a poetry book that could be written by a character, etc.

When shouldn’t you give a book for free?

  • When you release it for the first time. There is really no reason for that. Your audience of readers, if showed correctly the value of your book (basically showing them why your book is a book they will enjoy) will be willing to pay for it, at least a small price.
    Readers have been known to buy books.
  • When sales are stopping: First, giving it for free doesn’t necessarily mean more people will click on it to read it. Then, free giveaways isn’t starting back sales.

SL-community-roundBasically, it’s good to offer a book for free for a very specific time-frame or as extra content in your promotion.
You can reduce or increase your book price whenever you want for special promotions or just to adjust it. You just need to go into your StreetLib Selfpublish dashboard and modify it there.

We always value user feedback and grow our platform on your requests and needs. It doesn’t prevent us from being cautious with the decision we make as we also take into account the whole publishing market and always have the author’s best interest in mind. This is why we are giving this possibility during a tryout 6 month period. We will then evaluate the results of authors’ book sales and verify that it really is a positive option for them.

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