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Whether you are at a book event, meeting someone at a diner party or eavesdropping on a conversation in the street, you will often have opportunities to find your book’s audience. People that would enjoy your book if they knew it existed (and if they knew its value for them).
You shouldn’t miss on this opportunity to promote your book. Your audience can be hard to find, it’d be sad to miss the chance while they are in front of you!

tips-tricks-roundThen comes a difficulty: you may not actually have everything needed to sell your book on the spot: even if you do have printed copies of your book, maybe you don’t have them with you. Chances are the way for this new potential reader to get your book is to go online and click on a button or two.
So, how do you get people to click on a button while you are not communicating with them online but live?

There are a bunch of tricks you can use. I can think of 3 essentials:

QR code

qrcodeThe first one is a bit of an oldie but I personally like it (and it’s very popular in some countries – e.g. China):

Why not have business cards for your book with a cool design and a QR code (a what?) for people to go directly to a place where they can buy it from their smartphone?
In our past blog I already mentioned QR codes in 5 kickass tricks for a successful book event.


The second one is a bit more applicable if you feel comfortable with the person in front of you and if you know/see/can assume that they own a smartphone. People generally like to be reminded that today’s technology is great. When they find themselves embarrassed because they don’t know what to do to be sure to go check your book online (assuming they expressed a will to do so), just do/say something like this:

  • “Just go to my website *||* right now, you’ll find everything”
  • “Let me borrow your phone, I’ll open the page where you can find everything you need for you”
  • “Do you have bluetooth/Android Beam/the BUMP app/Any NFC functionality so I can just get the information to your smartphone directly?”

This last dash involves you getting to know your own smartphone because these are all technologies to easily and safely transfer data live from one smartphone to another (if you click on the links and read those Wikipedia articles, you’ll get details for each). Chances are either the person will have one of those and say “Ah yes great! I always forget about those useful tools” or “Wow it’s the first time I find a use for this tool” or the person will be interested to know about this tool and happy to try it out live with you.


photo-1421882046699-09a0ff4ffb1bThis is probably the most obvious trick also easier for not so tech-savvy people:

“ Would you like to give me your email address so you can get everything there is to know directly in your inbox?”

You could even take their phone number and text them the URL of your website.
And of course, don’t forget to add this email address to your mailing list for your next communication campaign or newsletter!

Here you go! A Call-to-action can also be in the non-virtual life 🙂

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