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tips-tricks-roundIf you are putting your nose into the marketing world as an author-publisher (and you should!), you probably read about curating content, maybe wondering about its meaning, probably wondering why you should bother with it.

First, curating content is just gathering content (articles, comments, etc.) about a specific topic of interest, here publishing/writing/editing > books in general. Basically, it means digging online and offline to find what everybody (or at least relevant people) is saying about it to stay informed. Most of the time it also implies sharing some of this content when you find the information valuable or the argument compelling.

You want to publish a book, why on earth should you lose time surfing online to know what is going on in publishing and writing? Well, there are many reasons:

  • Taking the role of publisher is a real job and can easily become overwhelming. Often people feel lost, don’t ask themselves the right questions, don’t really know who to turn to. It’s relevant to take some time to get information, find out where people give advice and answer the questions you are wondering about (in most cases, somebody has asked before and someone was nice enough to answer). There is a great solidarity online between authors and publishers, enjoy it and be a part of it!
  • Important news can change the way you are going to publish, edit, maybe translate your book. If you are aware of new tools, services, opportunities, it will be easier to decide which is the best option.
  • All this content you read will give you not only content to share online on your platforms (blog, social pages, etc.) but also ideas for your own content creation: give your view on a hot topic, reuse the same concept of an article applied to your book, etc. Don’t forget that adding valuable content regularly online is a key to getting visibility.

1_1440987461_Spinning, Rewriting, and Curating- Making Ethical Use of Existing Web Content -- beezcontentAs the Internet seems to provide unlimited content with zero filter, content curation will probably feel a bit hard at first but, not only getting more and more into it you’ll learn where to go, which information to dismiss, etc. but there are also tips about that online! You’ll find selections of the websites and blogs to read, the social accounts to follow about publishing, being an independent author, writing, … There is a lot of help out there.

Just as it’s obvious that a trader would need to be aware about financial news, an author-publisher obviously is better off knowing about what’s going on in the publishing industry. I personally spend up to 7% of my work hours curating content, in the time you dedicate to your publishing work what percentage is spent on curating?

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