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tips-tricks-roundIf you’re an author, I’m guessing you like to create content, especially written content. Nevertheless, you may dread the idea of needing to create content for your book’s promotion. That’s understandable it’s not the same fun at all: it’s not the same writing or creative process. Well, here is my tip of the day: keep it the same!

A great way to promote a book is to create new content around your book’s topic, universe or characters.

  • promotion Fake phone messages

    You can have fun creating fake conversations between your character:, that’s fun promotion!

    Let’s say you are writing a fiction with a main female character: open her blog online and have her speak about her daily life!

  • Let’s say you are writing a guide on how to be a successful entrepreneur: post tips and advice online on the same topic.
  • Let’s say you are publishing a series of long poems, you could maybe write some more, maybe in a different form but around the same topic, or style and publish them online.

Not only will your readers enjoy getting bonus content but other potential readers will truly get a look at your book’s style, what they can expect to find and it’s a great teaser for the actual content of the book.

You can create fake conversation threads between your characters (see for instance Simitator, or Fakephonetext, online tools to build fake tweets, Facebook status, etc.), you could have a website for a fictional company, store, coffee shop or school that is in your book. There is a lot you can do in your promotion that falls right onto the creative things you like to do.

You are creating content and making it into books, why not do the same and make it into self promotion?

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