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pos_ex-square-19One of the great things technology is bringing is a way for printed books to be way more sustainable to manage: no more stocks, logistics and return fees, please welcome Print on Sale! The printing happening after the book is sold! This is the kind of publishing StreetLib believes in. No wasted fees and obstacles between the author-publisher and the reader.

We are very excited to be able to propose this service to our StreetLibers all over the world. Thanks to partnerships with bookstores in different countries (the list is growing) you can now make a POS order with us and get your printed books online.

calculator screenshotYou just need to register your book to POS with a one-off €40 fee that will cover typesetting work and commercial information checks before your book is on sale.

You then have no upfront cost to get your printed book on sale!

POS helps you break down costs and avoid waste. Thanks to our online calculator, you can estimate your royalties in advance and get a detail of where you book’s revenues go in our pricing page.

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