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4c017f1c-5f17-41bf-af07-caf4fd9e74afWe sent the news via email but we also want to share it here: we are proud to add a new partner who will be distributing all the books published through StreetLib services: Nubleer!

Nubleer is a LatAm subscription service reading platform with a wide variety of books, comics, magazines and newspapers and your books are soon to be distributed there as well!
With a web viewer, a mobile and tablet app, the service reaches readers with all their catalog for just 5 USD/month.

How does it work and what’s in it for you?

nubleer-logo-1This subscription service will share 70% of their revenue with all the publishers, meaning the more monthly subscriptions they get, the bigger publishers’ revenues are. Then, they share those 70% between publishers based on three criterias:

  • The cover price of the eBooks
  • The number of download of those eBooks
  • The percentage of pages read in those books

We deduct our usual fee from your share and you get all the rest.

How to sign up?

As usual, you don’t have anything to do. The activation is automatic and we’ll start the integration in the coming days. If, for a specific reason, you don’t wish to get your book into Nubleer, always remember that you can manage the online services where your books are on sale directly from your personal StreetLib dashboard. As simply as ticking or unticking a box.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question or concern!

To learn more about Nubleer, visit their website at

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