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Pamela Preschern self published Il Carnevale du Tribidad e Tobago, Tradizioni e curiosità dell’evento più atteso dell’anno with StreetLib. She wrote freely the following letter to testify on her self publishing experience and her encounter with StreetLib.
Thanks for your contribution, Pamela!

Pamela PreschernIt’s a pleasure to share my first self publishing experience. Before my book’s publication with StreetLib Selfpublish, let me tell you about where the idea to write about this theme came from. The choice was the result of an unforgettable year in Port of Spain, Trinidad e Tobago’s capital, where I arrived in the beginning of 2010 for a working experience in the context of a United Nations program. what immediately intrigued me in this caribbean island was the anthropological aspect: traditions, uses, habits of people from where I observed day after day behaviors and lifestyles. After a short while, I discovered the event that synthesized perfectly the cultural identity and the specificities of the trinidadian people: the carnival, a festival with antique roots which preparation and actual progression make it present all year long. I was fascinated by its silent and permanent presence, by the attention it arouses regardless of age, genre, social class or ethnic background and by the fact that it’s a symbol of a cosmopolitan society, extrovert and full of energy.
Back to Italy, I immediately felt a desire to share what I learned and experienced first hand and I decided to do so, specifically by telling the story of the country through its carnival.

I started gathering ideas and, a few month from that, I started writing. With a few moments of necessary breaks to think about the best structure and form to build the text, I reached the conclusion after about a year. At this point I asked myself the fateful question: now, where do I publish it?

After collecting information and opinions and taking into considerations various elements, I decided to listen to a friend’s advice who had a great experience of self publishing with StreetLib SelfPublish. And it didn’t disappoint. Of this platform I appreciated particularly the absence of fee, the easiness to upload content, the wide visibility guaranteed by the publication online to major international bookstores but also the customer care service, fast and effective.

Fully satisfied, I strongly suggest StreetLib to anyone looking for an easy and efficient to self publish.

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