Promoting your book on Facebook: the mathematical reason to do it

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social_facebook_box_blueI realize there is still a debate on whether authors should promote their book on Facebook. I’ll keep my participation to the debate quite short: yes they should.

You perhaps aren’t personally a Facebook fan; Maybe you never created a Facebook profile. There is no shame in it, no pride either. You just should be on Facebook for your book marketing.

Why? Because of mathematics.

There are 1.6 billion users on Facebook.
Let’s say some Facebook accounts are just duplicates, fake people or inactive accounts. We can probably still assume there is 1.5 billion real people on Facebook.

That’s more than a Fifth of Planet Earth entire population.

Image 1

That’s also half of the population using the internet.

internet users 2015

You can basically take half of the little blue guys on the image and put them on Facebook

There is a pretty good chance your reading audience is part of this population. I would say the probability is higher than a 90% chance. That’s pretty good odds, don’t you think?

To the question: where can I communicate to reach my reading audience? (which is basically the fundamental question behind book marketing) the answer is: your audience is in many places but a place where they all are is probably Facebook. On their couch during commercial break, in public transports, before going to bed, while waiting for a friend, in the city, the country, a mountain: your audience can be in many places but, at the same exact time, they also are somewhere you can actually reach them: on Facebook. 

Now, the key is to actually identify your audience in the ocean of Facebook users but one thing is sure: unless you have a very very specific reason (please let me know about it in the commets!), you should be there.

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