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I decided to make today about StreetLib Sell.

blogpost sell_ex-squareNot to explain what it is or remind everyone that it’s available for anyone, free and with no obligation other than to sign up to StreetLib so that we can give you money. The page presenting the service already does that.

Not for authors and publishers to know that they can improve even more their promotion by including the widget to their messages online and in the process augment their royalties. The use of StreetLib Sell technology in their page already is doing that.

Not to explain that anyone willing to become a bookseller can now do it thanks to our special multi-books widget. Ciccio already explained that on the blog.

streetlib-logo-mobileJust because discussing with two table neighbors at lunch, they realized the awesomeness of this simple tool just when I explained that it existed. Let me recreate the context and conversation for you: As I told you recently I (and all of the StreetLib tribe) work remotely and I actually go to a coworking office everyday and often discuss with people who’s job is not even remotely close to mine. Today I spoke with an architect and a business tourism representative (whatever that is – let’s call her the tourist) and they were discovering that everyone in the StreetLib tribe and in the Streetliber’s community is basically just someone passionate about books. Here is how the conversation basically went after that:

me : “You couldn’t be more right ! You are so right that we even have a widget that allows anyone who’d say “buy a book” for a reason or another is able to do so right here, on his website, on his blog etc. and become a distributor who gets 15% of the book’s cover price for his services”


the architect: “So, like, if I read a great book distributed by StreetLib on architecture mentioning one of my designs, I could sell this book on my website to promote it without needing an eCommerce structure and, on top of it, get money when copies are sold there?”


me: “Precisely! Anyone is anyone. A blogger willing to recommend a book, a supportive friend believing an author’s talent, a botanist loving the latest publication on woody perennial flowering plants, anyone.”


That’s where I saw real sparks on their eyes. Are your eyes sparkling too? You know people whose eyes would spark if they knew that? Just tell them about StreetLib Sell, share this post with them, or get started:

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