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One thing one should know about StreetLib is that it is a very online company: we all are working from our home towns. We talk everyday, work together and see each other, always through the wonders of Internet. Which made this week’s team meeting something of an exceptional event for us.

streetLib tribe in the office
The whole tribe
indeed traveled to the beautiful Loreto, Italy and gathered for 24 hours in the offices where our CEO and a few colleagues from this town or nearby cities come to work regularly. The enthusiasm with which we met was expressed not only in the amazing dinner we all shared (Italian food rocks! and this is coming from a French person…) but also by the attention level during the day and everyone’s will to be part of the conversation. 

AuuH5kpngxlERgBLc_y2YC4LbrOGv2D8CnHU8lKtbckWThis happy reunion was also the opportunity for our CEO (and everyone in general) to share the evolutions of our projects and the plans for 2016 to make them grow in the most efficient and best way and let me tell you: 2016 is going to be a great year!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we will! As it was the occasion for some of us working everyday on the same projects to meet for the first time, we immortalized the moment with the help of a smartphone and a lovely employee of the restaurant we went to. On that note, we all wish you a great weekend and, most of all, a Happy New Year:StreetLib Tribe


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  • Carmencita

    The best way to feel the community in/out a work space. Companies build products….great companies build cultures and employees satisfaction. Bravi!

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